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The Invention & History Of The Towel

The Invention & History Of The Towel

Archaeological studies show that the towel was first produced in the city of Bursa in the 15th century and spread from Bursa all over the world.

The greatest proof of this is that the best quality towels in the world are produced in Turkey.

The towels known worldwide as Turkish towels and the towels made of cotton or linen, the name of which is given in the periodic records as ”Peshtamal”, were once so large that the size for wrapping around the lower body was sufficient, but narrower than today’s towels, were later made wider.

Because of its lightness and high water absorption capacity and because the peshtamals were still very light even after getting wet, they were used in Turkish hamams before they were used at home.

With the increasing demand for Turkish towels, towels began to change from the 18th century onwards and were asked to work on more detailed designs.

The towel, which was previously very expensive, reached the prices that any family could buy after the rise of the cotton trade and industrialization, and began to find space in houses.

Through the progress of technological development and design understanding, towels produced in different sizes and from different raw materials have made our lives easier and added comfort and aesthetics to our daily lives.

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