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Autumn Breeze At Homes!

Autumn Breeze At Homes!

As the seasons change, not only our daily clothes or planned activities, but also the decoration of our home. The vibrant colors and fine fabrics of summer leave their place to more layered fabrics and more natural hues. How about making a little change in your home and creating a warmer and more comfortable home while at the same time getting caught up in the romantic atmosphere of the season in these autumn days when we leave sunny days behind and get ready for a cold winter?

Here are the products we have selected for you from the Hotexhome collections that will make this fall more enjoyable at your home …

Start the change in your bedroom!

Plaid is one of the most suitable patterns for autumn and winter because it adds a warm and friendly atmosphere to the places they are used. We chose to start with this energizing pattern for our change proposals in the bedroom. Duvet Cover Sets in the Hotexhome collection will add happiness to rainy autumn mornings. Linen Duvet Cover Set will be a good choice for those who like to use colors from nature in decoration. In addition to the duvet cover sets, Bedspreads that you can use with many different duvet cover sets will make your beds look more organized. It is up to you to choose the colors suitable for your room from the bedspread with many different color alternatives!

Color the sofas, let a warm autumn pass!

Undoubtedly, increasing rains and cool weather will cause you to spend more time at home. Make room in your living rooms for blankets that you will take on while sitting on your sofa with your coffee in hand, and which will always be at hand with their warm looks! You can either use these blankets as covers on your sofas or leave them in wicker baskets for cold evenings!

Bathrooms innovation!

Bathrooms are not to be forgotten when you decide to make a change in your ready home. If you haven’t renewed your towels for a long time or changed your worn-out bathrobe, now is the time to renew! You can complete your shower pleasure with Hotexhome Bathrobes, which carry the Hydrocotton feature, which has a softer texture compared to standard cotton bathrobes. Do not go without a look at the Hotexhome Bathrobes, which have an elegant appearance with their linen details on their sleeves and collar! By combining Hotexhome Bathrobes with Hotexhome Towels, you can achieve a pleasant harmony in your bathrooms. Towels with high water absorption will make you feel good and add comfort to your bath pleasure. Of course, we did not forget the indispensable mats for bathroom decoration! Try Hotexhome Mats for the soft touch under your feet!

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