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We are at your most colorful and exciting times of the year. There are only days left for a new year. A new year means hopes, new decisions, new beginnings. If you want to enter a new year with innovation and make your loved ones happy every day of the year, you are in the right place! Start preparing for the new year;

Happy mornings in the new year

It continues however you start your day! How would you like to wake up happily, starting from the first morning of the new year? Many alternatives that will give your bedroom a completely different look are waiting for you in our New Year’s campaign!

With our new products, Plaid Patterned Duvet Cover Set, it brings a plain style to the beds. Marsala colored Duvet Cover Sets, one of the always trendy colors, will bring a warm air in your bedroom. Plaid Duvet Cover Sets, one of the most popular products of our Duvet Cover Collection, is again the most elegant way to add plaid warmth to cold winter days.

If you say “I create the most beautiful duvet cover set for myself or my loved ones” then we have a special surprise for you. This year, you can create your own duvet cover sets with duvet covers, sheets and decor pillowcases from our New Year Collection. Due to the nostalgic atmosphere it creates, the gingham-patterned Duvet Cover, pillowcase and decor pillowcase, which are the leading roles of all periods, are an alternative you can choose according to your duvet cover with different color options, Bed Sheets and Pillowcases, Duvet cover and decor pillowcases and more in our New Year Collection! If you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones, the Hotexhome Bedspread and Decorative Pillow Gift Set will be an unforgettable gift.

A warm touch to the cold days

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the New Year Collection is undoubtedly the blankets that will warm up the cold winter days… Many products in our blanket collection, diversified with new products, await you to add warmth to your home on these cold days!

Thanks to its microfiber structures, Knitted Blanket, which offers advantages with its double-sided use, which will feel warm even on the coldest days, gives an inviting look to sofas with Scandinavian patterns. The Boston Hair Knit Blanket, which looks like hand-knitted with its natural look, will enliven the plain colored sofas with its basket weave pattern. The most striking product of the Blanket category is the Hotexhome Christmas Blanket, which is newly included in our collection due to the New Year and will warm both your loved ones and you on New Year’s Eve with its pattern.

Revitalize your skin naturally with the baths of Christmas colors!

Baths will not be forgotten in the new year’s change! How would you like to recreate the bathrooms with textile products that stand out with their color and naturalness?

In the new year, hydrocotton towels and bathrobes will be the star of the bathrooms. Compared to the cotton towels we are used to, hydrocotton towels and bathrobes, which are softer, more bulky and have high water absorption, color the look of the bathrooms with different color alternatives and increase the pleasure of the bath with their soft textures. You can get a lively look in your bathrooms with towels, bathrobes and mats in the Christmas Collection, which also has color options especially suitable for the New Year spirit. Signature Towel and Signature Bathrobe and Oxford Bathrobe with plaid pattern details are also a special gift alternative that you will pamper yourself and your loved ones.

The Hotexhome Bamboo Towel and Bathrobe, produced with the unique harmony of bamboo and cotton weaving, creates a very attractive alternative with its discounted price, while bringing the feeling of freshness to the bathrooms with its breathable fibers.

Don’t forget to add Newcastle and Chester Mat with its soft texture and original designs to your basket while renovating the bathrooms!

The guests you will host on New Year’s Eve will love your cushions.

Will you host your loved ones at your home on New Year’s Eve? Or are you looking for a gift that will spice up your loved ones’ homes? Take a look at the Knit Cushion and Hair Knit Cushion, which you can combine with throw pillows and blankets that will give your sofas an inviting look with its plaid pattern!

Special gifts that will make the little ones feel good at all times

Children are undoubtedly the leading ones who experience the excitement of the New Year. If you want to make a choice that will increase your child’s quality of life instead of classic gifts this year, be sure to check out The Little Hotexhome category. If you are looking for a blanket that will protect your little baby from cold winter days, Knitted Baby Blanket, Hooded Kids Bathrobe and Animal-Bear Hooded Towel are the choice of mothers who want the best for their child.

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