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Why Towels Turn Yellow, How Do Stains Remove?

Why Towels Turn Yellow, How Do Stains Remove?

We use daily; Hand towels, face towels, bath towels or kitchen towels may turn yellow and look bad for various reasons. Be sure to read our article to learn the situations that cause this and take precautions or learn the tricks of washing towels and remove yellow stains.

Causes of Towels Yellowing

Towels can turn yellow over time, depending on the frequency of use. Factors such as the sauce contaminated from your hands while cooking in the kitchen, sweat from your face or skin, dead skin spilled from the skin, oil on the skin or hair play a big role in the yellowing of the towels. Even if dirty towels are washed, they sometimes cannot be deeply cleaned. Thus, the stains penetrate into the fabric over time and yellowing occurs. For this reason, one of the reasons for the yellowing can be using low-quality detergents with the washing process at low temperature.

Even if you are very careful during use, you can choose the right detergent and wash at the highest temperature that will not damage the fabric to prevent the towels that may be stained from turning yellow. You can check the label to find out how many degrees your towel can be washed without being damaged.

How to Bleach Towels?

If you are using white towels, you can use bleaching methods to remove yellow stains. You can wash with bleaching stain removers and laundry detergents, or you can soak your towels in the hot water you added to them. It is useful to dilute bleach products with a little water to avoid damaging home textile products that usually have delicate fabrics. Thus, you can make your towels white without shortening their life.

How to Remove Yellowing in Colored Towels?

Bleach products are not used in colored laundry due to their whitening properties. Otherwise, the color of the clothes will fade and unwanted images may appear, just like yellow stains. If you are using colored towels, you can try a few natural methods. Vinegar, which is available in every household, is among the natural cleansers that can combat yellow stains. When you mix half a glass of vinegar with a quarter glass of laundry detergent and wash it in cold water, you can witness that the stains are reduced and the towels become softer.

You can also use baking soda to remove yellow stains. Sprinkle a quarter cup of baking soda on towels soaked in hot water. After waiting for 1 hour, wash in the washing machine with cold water. You can see that the yellowing has decreased or maybe disappeared.

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