Kükürtlü Mah. 5. Kiraz Sok. Akman Apt. No:4/1 Osmangazi, Bursa/TURKEY - ZIP:16070

About Us

Our Company was established in Bursa in 2004 under the name of HOTEX HOME which left the 15th year behind in the textile sector, has increased its production capacity by constantly renewing itself with its rapidly growing technology in its factories in Bursa and Denizli. Since the day it was established, our company which prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality is always improving itself in order to provide the best service.

Our company, which produces its products with jacquard and dobby weaves, has an effective position in the international market with an export rate of 90%. Also in the promotion and hotel sectors, production is done in line with the demands of the customers. Hotex Home will continue to be the locomotive industry by continuing its way with its experience in the textile sector.

Our  mission is to produce value added products of utmost standard for quality conscious global markets by utilizing the best available knowledge and technology. In our pursuit for global excellence, we have an in-house Weaving, Stitching & Packing facilities to achieve a consistent and competitive quality product. This platform ensures optimum quality at every process stage to yield the desirable product. Hotexhome, believes in utilizing the best available Human Resources, in order to acheive its mission. We are a team of more than 250 highly skilled and dedicated employees involved in designing, developing and manufacturing. Totally integrated production involves three main processes Weaving, Processing and Finishing.

Hotexhome and F2MS Group;
have decided to use their strengths together in 2018 to provide more and creative turn key projects for Hotel Group Customers.
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