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Although dry cleaning is recommended for many home textile materials, it is possible to clean especially quilts and pillows at home with a few effective methods. Here is the quilt and pillow cleaning guide we prepared for you …

How to Clean a Pillow?

Most pillows, natural or synthetic, of whatever material they are made of, can be hand or machine washed. It is possible to wash your pillows every three or six months to prevent mold, bacteria or bad odors. So, what are the tips for washing a pillow at home? Let’s learn together…

If you are going to wash your pillow in the machine, it may be more advantageous for you to have your machine with front loading rather than top loading. The reason for this is that no part of the pillows, which can move more comfortably in front-loaded machines, are not left dry while being washed.

Regardless of the model of your washing machine, remember that you should wash the pads with lukewarm water on the delicate program. Choosing liquid detergent instead of powder detergent will also reduce the possibility of detergent residue on the pad. On the other hand, if you prefer to wash the pillows by hand, you should prefer warm water as in the machine. This both provides better cleaning of the pillow and prevents it from shrinking. You should also make sure that you completely remove the detergent from the hand-washed pillow. Otherwise, when it dries, you may see detergent residue on it. It is very important not to skip any stage while cleaning delicate fabric models such as fiber pillows, wool pillows or bamboo pillows.

How to Clean a Quilt?

Although cleaning the quilt seems easy, it is a bit of a detailed job. Before washing the quilts in your home, you should make sure they are washable. Because some quilt types may shrink or lose their color after washing. For this, you can do a small test by washing some of it with a wet cloth before putting it in the machine. So how should you clean quilts that you are sure are washable?

Most bamboo quilts or cotton quilt models can be easily machine washed. Before washing, you can clean it by reading the directions on the label. However, the situation may not be the same for wool quilts and fiber quilts. Hand washing is a much healthier method especially for wool quilts. To wash your quilts by hand, you can fill the bathtub with warm water and pour normal detergent on it. Because they are large, you may need to go around them several times instead of squeezing them in your hand. You can then hang it on the shower cabin glass or a suitable place in your bathroom so that the water flows thoroughly. You can also rinse after hanging. You can wait for the quilt to dry by hanging it in open air for at least 30 minutes. That’s it!

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