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From the Hammam to the Present; Peshtemal

From the Hammam to the Present; Peshtemal

From the Hammam to the Present; Peshtemal

We all know the main purpose of Peshtemal and use this product, which stands for our culture, for many different purposes. Although there are different interpretations of how to write Peshtemal, correctly one writes it; Peshtemal. The word Pashtamal comes from Persian, which means back towel. The impulse is the connection of the word pust-back and the word mal- wiper”.

As we have just mentioned, although Peshtemal seems to belong to our culture, the actual history leads to Egypt. Fouta, which means towel in Egypt, was used as garment used in daily life by humans to cover the lower body. Design, raw material and function have changed in the Mediterranean countries.

Fouta, from the moment he entered the Ottoman Empire, took the name of a peshtemal and changed his function. Initially, Turkish cotton was preferred as raw material to Egyptian cotton and the range of use was changed and used in bathrooms and business. With its lightness and light drying structure, it has become indispensable for the famous Turkish baths and has spread throughout the world under the name Peshtemal.

Peshtemal, which was used in the Hammams as a cloth to dry off, was used in the working life as protection for the lower body, so that clothes do not become dirty. Even among the craftsmen, a ceremony was organized between the master and the apprentice to symbolize the successful completion of the training. At the ceremony, the master put on a peshtemal for his apprentice. This meant that he had reached the level of proving his abilities.

In today’s Turkey, both uses still hold its existence. In various regions of Turkey, especially in the Black Sea region, people collect tea while covering their lower bodies with a peshtemal. The use in the hamams continues without disturbing the tradition.

Peshtemal is out of the baths and workshops and has made our lives easier and more beautiful by becoming a part of our daily lives. Nowadays we use Peshtemals in many different areas, e.g. as tablecloth, as seat cover and sometimes as scarf. We take a Peshtemal with us when we go to the gym or when we go swimming. Because of the elegance and the ease of use, we will come in contact with the peshtemals more often in the future.

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Small hint: a Peshtemal, which is used as a handtowel, is called peskir.

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