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In winter, we want to create a warmer atmosphere in our home as in everything else. In the summer, colorful curtains and refreshing items leave their place to different fabrics and items. Winter is a time when we spend more time in our homes with our loved ones, so it should be warmer. If you feel that winter doesn’t convey a warm enough feeling, maybe it’s time to make some changes with tiny additions. Let’s take just a few hours this weekend and create a warmer and more intimate look in your home.

1- Surround yourself with items of soft texture

No matter how small a change a cover you lay on the seat may seem, it will have an inviting look with the warmth it creates. You will not be able to resist reading your book, be buried inside and maybe doze off. You will especially like woolen fabrics because of their warmth and soft texture. Blankets that you throw next to the sofa, string into baskets or hang from a stylish chair will also be at your fingertips and will add warmth to your environment. Check out our blanket collection that will add warmth to the look of your home.

2- Delicate touch of velvet

All of the fabrics have a different texture and feel. Velvet is one of the most suitable fabrics for winter. It keeps you warm and has a comfortable feel. A chair upholstered with velvet fabric offers a stylish and modern look and is also ideal for families with children with its durable structure.

3- The nostalgia of knitting

Knitting is like the photographs we have in memory. Because it reminds us of the past, it warms us even with its appearance. Give your sofas a different look with knitted blankets and knitted cushions. If you are skilled in knitting, you can also decorate your sofas by cutting out pieces of colorful balls and experimenting with patchwork. If you are not in love with knitting but want this warm feeling at home, check out our blankets and cushions.

4- Create colorful catering corners

Colorful candies on your coffee table, coffee cups lined up on a tray, herbal teas in small jars, cinnamon… You can make a welcome welcome to your guests and color your home by adding a little hot water.

5- Take advantage of the power of candles

When you think of candles, it’s a good time to change your mind if romantic situations come to mind. You can create a warm environment in your home by using candles of different colors and sizes together. In cold winter evenings, it will change the atmosphere of your room with its fragrant candles. A cup of coffee, some music and candles can make you feel rested. If you think the candles will not be safe because of your children or pets, you can also try alternative led lights for different light games.

6- Provide integrity with tiny carpets, mats

Carpets that we cannot tolerate in the summer reappear in winter. Even a small mat, when placed correctly, creates a warm appearance and is very functional. Using matching carpets and mats together will also give you a nice look.

7- Regular coffee tables, bookcases

A coffee table in the middle of the seating area is a focal point. A coffee table with a messy appearance and incompatible items side by side will tire your eyes and cause a disturbing appearance no matter how much you organize your room. Don’t forget to overhaul your bookshelves while arranging the objects on your coffee tables. You will not believe how much the look of your library has changed with tiny objects or photos you love.

8- Benefit from the power of scents

Just as the smell of fresh coffee coming to your nose when you wake up or the smell of cookies just coming out of the oven makes you happy in an instant, the smell in your living spaces is also very effective. While choosing scents with a more refreshing effect in the summer months, spice scents in the winter months can create pleasant emotions for us. The easiest way to provide these scents is of course room fragrances. If you are looking for natural solutions for a lasting effect, you can prepare your own mixtures from fragrant spices such as cinnamon.

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