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6 Different Uses Of Turkish Peshtemal

6 Different Uses Of Turkish Peshtemal

Although the peshtamal, identified with the Anatolian culture and used as an indispensable part of the baths, has been used for various purposes throughout history, it has spread more and more in recent years. Now the peshtamals we are used to have changed, you can see them now not only in our bathrooms, but also on the beaches.

Made from different materials such as cotton, bamboo and in different patterns and colours, the peshtamals separate from other towels due to the pleasant feeling on the skin and are therefore preferred by many. Of course, the reasons for the preference, are the content and the high water absorbency, the fast drying, the lightness and the easy portability, through the woven properties.

If you want to leave the towels and if you like the peshtamales, which take up more space in our lives, and you would like to rate them differently, you will find 6 different usage suggestions here.

1-) Use Turkish Peshtemal Instead of Towel…

Tired of bath towels or bathrobes and looking for a change? Or do you prefer a lighter drying method in the summer heat instead of bathrobes? Then make room for peshtamals in your bathrooms. Thanks to the light and fast drying function, you can use the Peshtamal without any problems, so that you do not experience any unpleasant wetness. Due to the small space requirement you can use the peshtamal. This is a great comfort during the journey. You can use it in different colours depending on your swimsuit and easily carry it in your beach bag.

2-) If You Are Bored With Beachwear, How About a Turkish Peshtemal?

We talked about how pleasant it is to dry off with a peshtamal on the beach. And what do you say to wearing a Peshtamal as a dress? If you come from the sea, you can turn it into a simple dress by wrapping it around you instead of wearing a dress or pareo.

3-) Why Shouldn’t a Turkish Peshtemal, Whose Colours You Like Very Much, Decorate Your Couch?

In the winter months there are many different options, such as knitting, velvet and moher, with which we decorate our sofas. With the warming of the weather, however, the preferred textile fabrics are changed. Heavy fabrics are replaced by light products such as linen and cotton. You can choose peshtamals whose designs you like and which are suitable for the general decoration of your house. Moisture-attracting Peshtamals are not only sweat-inducing, but also make your daily life easier.

4-) How About Adding Colours to The Tables With Turkish Peshtemals?

Bathrooms, beaches, living room, the dining room have not been forgotten. You can use the coloured peshtamal as a tablecloth and add colour to your dining tables. You don’t have to take care of the dirt. You can wash your new tablecloth as it takes up little space in the washing machine.

5-) Do Yoga or Picnic On It…

The bags are always very heavy because you have to take a lot with you when you go to the gym. You can use Peshtamals instead of towels if you want to do yoga at the gym or dry yourself after a shower. If you’re one of those who says I can’t do yoga or anything, I prefer to lie down and relax, you can put a Peshamal in your picnic basket.

6-) Whether Scarf or Neckerchief…

Who doesn’t like a colored scarf? Or on cool summer nights the gentle touch of a light scarf on your shoulder? You can keep your neck warm and create a different style at the same time. You can keep your neck warm while creating a different style by wrapping a peshtamal around your neck to match your clothing style. On summer evenings you can use a peshtamal instead of a cardigan or a jacket, against light coolness.

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