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Before choosing the best quilt for yourself, there are a few things to consider. You can start by asking the following questions: Are you one of those who feel cold while sleeping or is one of those who feel warm? Do you like the heavy ones or the light ones? By reading our article, you can learn how the best quilt should be for you!

Quilt Types

Although there are many types of quilts according to their material and filling materials; We can divide it into three as wool, cotton and bamboo.

Wool Quilt: Wool is one of the best materials to choose for quilts as it is both a solid and elastic material. In addition, since it is a hygroscopic fiber that absorbs moisture, it easily absorbs up to 30% of its weight thanks to the small holes on it. Moreover, it is very resistant to fire since it traps moisture. Thanks to all these features, wool quilts are among the most preferred types in terms of both durability and comfort.

Cotton Quilt: Cotton is one of the most preferred textile materials thanks to its breathable feature, regardless of which product it is used. In addition, cotton, which is resistant to high heat, detergent and bleach, feels very soft and natural to the touch as it has a cellulose structure. However, as it is a sensitive material, it can wrinkle quickly and shrink if it is not washed at the right temperature, no matter which textile product it is used in. Therefore, if you choose cotton quilts, remember that you have to look carefully and follow the care instructions on the product.

Bamboo Quilt: Bamboo quilts made of bamboo fibers, one of nature’s strongest plants, are generally made by dissolving cellulose in bamboo and pressing it to form bamboo fibers. Both environmentally friendly, organic and soft bamboo varieties gain the admiration of many people.

Things to Consider in Quilt Selection

When choosing a quilt, there are a few points to be considered apart from its type. One of the most important features to be considered is the filling material. For example; If you are looking for a quilt for seasonal changes, you can choose interlining quilts as they do not trap heat. Or, if you are looking for a soft product that does not sweat thanks to its breathable feature, you can examine the options prepared from environmentally friendly fibers. Also, if you are one of those who get very cold while sleeping, you can also choose tencel-filled products that have a heat-holding capacity but a thinness that will not overwhelm you. Making a choice that suits both seasonal conditions and personal preferences can significantly improve your sleep quality.

Another point to consider when choosing is that it is easy to clean. Changing your linens frequently is an essential part of bedroom cleaning. However, it is very important to wash the quilts when the time comes. When purchasing a quilt, you can first examine the models that can be washed in a washing machine or in a washer-dryer depending on your cleaning preference.

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