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Nature is beginning to bloom, more sun, light and pleasant spring breezes… As spring begins to show itself with all its beauty, do you want to make your home suitable for its soul? Then you can start from the bedroom! You can find our spring decoration suggestions for bedrooms from home textile products to decorative items in our article.

Open a White Page

How would you like to change the atmosphere of your room in an instant with a white duvet cover set or bedspread? You can use a white or very light colored cover that will create a bright and clean look and combine it with colorful or even patterned pillow covers. Using completely contrasting and dominant colored pillows such as navy blue and orange on a white bed will create a very nice contrast.

To complete the decoration of your bed, you can use a white linen or linen-looking sheet that suits the season. On your bedspread, you can cover half of the bed or even a narrower area, and you can cover a thin blanket compatible with pillows. Thus, you can add another stylish touch to your decoration with the harmony of both the cover or duvet cover, which we will use as a bedspread, and your blanket.

Harness the Power of Plants

Do not forget to add the energy of plants to your bedroom with a spring bouquet purchased from the florist. You can place your favorite flowers in stylish vases or pots and position them in suitable areas of the room. White flowers placed in a glass vase with a modern design, a green house plant in a wicker basket can turn your room into spaces in decoration magazines in an instant.

Replace Rugs and Curtains

You can say goodbye to the plush carpets or thick curtains that keep it soft and warm in winter, starting in spring, and change the air of your room in an instant. A rug suitable for the colors you use in your bedroom will also look very stylish. If you wish, you can also buy jute carpets or rugs that look trendy of recent years. You can prefer light colored, fine linen blinds and fine tulle as curtains.

If you want to start from your bedroom to bring the energy of spring to your room, be sure to check out Hotex Home’s extensive collection! Add a completely different atmosphere to your room with duvet cover sets and other home textile products!

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