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The most elegant ways to organize your bathroom towels

The most elegant ways to organize your bathroom towels

Towels are one of the sine qua non of our bathrooms but also take their place in our bathrooms as a decorative product. If you are looking for new ideas to organize your bathroom towels in different decorations, you should definitely take a look at this article.


Baskets are one of the favorite decorative products of those who prefer a modern decoration especially in recent years. For your towels in your bathroom, you can pick a basket of the desired size and place it under the sink or in a corner that you do not use, and lift your towels into it. Straw baskets will be highly functional in this regard. You can keep the towels in a covered area by folding them in rolls and placing them inside. You can evaluate the towels you have reserved for your daily use or for your guests in a small and stylish basket next to the sink.


If there is not enough space in your bathroom and it would be a problem to put a cupboard, you can consider the shelves. The easiest way to display your towels is by using open shelves. Thus, you can create more usage space in your bathroom and keep your towels in an easily accessible place.


The first solution that comes to mind for almost everyone will be bathroom cabinets.

So how about thinking a little more unusual?

If you cannot find a bathroom cabinet that suits your taste, you can use different cabinets designed for the bedroom or hallway to organize your towels.

Special for those looking for unusual solutions…

Sometimes it may be a good solution to use objects for different purposes.
For example, you can fold your towels in roll form and use the wine racks or wooden wine racks to display your towels. This extraordinary method will give your bathroom a different atmosphere. Again, magazine racks or a bar cart will add an interesting atmosphere to your bathroom while lifting your towels.


A wooden and old staircase can turn into a stylish shelf in your bathroom. If you want, you can evaluate the stairs that you do not use by painting according to your own taste to hang your towels. You will both give your bathroom a stunning look and you will gain from the ground.


The safes we have seen in the markets are now turning into a stylish decorative product with a few touches. You can use these safes for your towels in your bathroom. If you think it will be a problem to evaluate in the ground, you can hang the crates on the wall and get a nice view.

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