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How Should the Hotel Duvet Cover Size Be?

How Should the Hotel Duvet Cover Size Be?

One of the frequently asked questions is “How many cm should the hotel duvet cover, bed sheet and pillowcase measure be?”
Before answering this question, the bed size should be determined. Let’s take a look at bed sizes first.
Single bed dimensions are usually 90x190cm or 100x190cm. If we look at the size of the double bed, it varies from 140x200cm to 200x200cm and according to the country. In other words, a single hotel sheet should generally cover a 100x200cm bed. These measurements are the size of the bed surface, that is, the area we sleep on.

Another important issue that we should not forget about the bed sheet is the height of the bed. Since the maximum mattress heights of 30cm are at all 4 corners of the bed, at the same time, the sheet should be squeezed into the part of the mattress with the base so that the sheet can be stretched ironed and does not break easily.
As Hotexhome, we recommend 180x280cm bed sheets for single beds and 240x280cm sheets for double beds. We recommend 280x280cm bed sheets for hotels with 180x200cm and 200x200cm beds, although they are not used much. These dimensions are calculated within the shrinkage allowances and are the dimensions used in standard hotel textiles.

In the hotel duvet cover, it is the size of the quilt that determines the size. standard duvet sizes in Turkey 195x215cm 155x215cm single and double. Since duvet cover literally means quilt cover, that is, the quilt is included in the duvet cover, the size of the duvet cover should be 5cm larger than the size of the quilt. For example, a hotel with a standard single size 155x215cm duvet should buy a 160x220cm duvet. As the Hotexhome family, we recommend 160x220cm as a single duvet cover and 200x220cm as a double duvet cover. Do not forget that we produce duvet covers in any desired size except these sizes!

The issue that determines the size of the pillowcase is the silicone pillow size.
The standard pillow size generally used is 50x70cm. We do not apply the + 5cm rule, which we apply in the size of the duvet cover, to the pillow case, as the silicone pillow is not flattened like a silicone quilt, but rather swollen. In other words, we produce 50x70cm as pillowcase size. At the same time, hotels use 60x80cm pillows, which we call reclining pillows. We produce 60x80cm pillowcases for a 60x80cm pillow.

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