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Historical Bursa towel

Historical Bursa towel

In Bursa, famous for its waters, fountains, baths and hot springs, the history of towel goes back 300 years.

Towels in Bursa started to be woven on handlooms since the beginning of the 18th century. Jacquard, embroidered, tasseled towels, which are woven in traditional looms, have a great variety according to their usage areas.
Embroidered or tasseled towels, which are used daily with varieties such as bath towels, hand towels, head towels, and as gifts for special occasions at weddings, engagements and invitations, are traditionally used all over the world.
It is said that this tradition spread all over the world when a British king who visited the Ottoman palace in the 18th century took the towel he saw and liked here to his country.

For Bursa, a city famous for its baths and thermal springs, towel is a gift with a velvet touch presented to the world.

Towels that are designed and woven in factories are sold in the towel bazaar, where only towels and bath materials are sold, in the Grand Bazaar and inns in Bursa.
Bursa, where modern towel weaving facilities were established with the Havluculuk Cooperative, which was established in 1941, now occupies an important place in towel production in the world.

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