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2019 – 2020 Autumn – Winter Home Textile Fashion

2019 – 2020 Autumn – Winter Home Textile Fashion

The enthusiasm and mobility of the summer is over. Now is the time for calm and peace!
This natural change of nature also affects our mood and our environment. Many of us have already started the autumn change in home decoration!
So, what awaits us in home textile fashion this season?

Main theme: Back to nature

We may have started to spend more time indoors as the weather gradually cooled down. Of course, this does not change the fact that we have a side that does not break with nature. Inspired by this idea, our designers make us feel the effects of the slogan “simplicity and return to nature” in our new season collections. Especially the motifs used in towels and bed linen slow down the speed of life and bring the peace and simplicity of nature to our homes.

Soft colors come to the fore…

The colors selected in our new season collection, which is inspired by the peaceful simplicity of nature, also fit this idea.
Whites, pinks, blues, greens…
From towel sets to bathrobes, duvet sets to pike sets, the entire collection is dominated by these soft colors.


The secret of elegance is hidden in the details…

In our carefully thought-out new collection for those who escape the chaos of life and seek calmness and simplicity, elegance is captured entirely in the details.
Contrasting bedspreads, ribbed duvet sets and embroidery details are among the details we will see in home textile fashion this season.


All products are one hundred percent organic cotton!

As a reflection of sensitivity to Environment and nature, the choice of fabric produced from organic cotton in all our collections draws attention. Because organic cotton is produced by all-natural methods according to conventional cotton, it supports sustainable agriculture as well as protecting nature. Especially the products made from organic cotton, which makes its mark on children’s textiles, are appreciated for their brighter and more durable texture as they are combed.

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