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Where to buy towels in Turkey?

Where to buy towels in Turkey?

The history of Turkish towel has a history of 1600 years. The Turkish Hammam, which takes place in Turkish culture, brought the need for towels with it and the towel emerged as an internal cultural interaction.

According to the research, the first weaving workshop in Anatolia 15. A century was established in Bursa. Bursa, which is at the forefront of silkworm farming and accordingly silk weaving, is considered to be the first place where the towel was produced. Such as Bursa, Denizli has an important place in the production of towels and bathrobes.

Two cities, Bursa and Denizli, are especially prominent in the production of towels in Turkey. Therefore, the cities in Turkey where towel manufacturers are also the most intense are Bursa and Denizli. These cities, which are known for their production in the textile sector, are very advanced in towel production and branding.

For those who wonder where to buy a towel in Turkey, the answer to this question is of course Bursa, the city where the towel was first produced. It has an important place in towel production in Denizli. 

When we consider the Turkish towel and therefore the Turkish Hammam we should remember the peshtemal as well. Peştemal is an accessory used in public baths but also in clothing. Because of this feature, there are embroideries on it, and the Turks ‘ habit of processing it in the use of towels comes somewhat from this partnership.

The towel, which attracts the attention of women especially with its fine texture, lightness and elegance, is now used not only in baths, but also everywhere where people meet with water. Towel, which we started to see on the beaches today, has started a new trend in this area.

Turkish towel is one of the products exported in the highest amount from Turkey with its 1600 year history and the volume of industrial production it comes from today. So much so that towels and bathrobes produced in Turkey today are exported to 186 countries.

The Turkish towel, in which industrial technology is added to the indispensability of the strength and use of tradition, continues to be a value created by the culture of these lands.

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