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Which Duvet Cover Set Should Be Preferred?

Which Duvet Cover Set Should Be Preferred?

A quality sleep makes us feel better and energetic. Therefore, choosing the right bedding is an important factor for a relaxing and comfortable sleep. Especially the material used is of great importance. What effect does the fabric have on your skin? Does it itch? Or does it provide a soft touch?

Most Popular Duvet Cover Set Fabric Types


Duvet cover sets made of jersey fabric are very popular. Thanks to its elastic fabric and unique knit texture, it provides a unique harmony with the skin. It gets air and absorbs moisture thanks to its small webs in its texture. Jersey duvet cover set does not require ironing and is easy to maintain. It is suitable for use all year round thanks to its heat balancing feature.


Renforcé is a standard weaving type for cotton fabric. The surface of the medium delicate woven cotton material is smooth and soft. It absorbs moisture and balances heat. Thanks to its durable material, patterns and prints can be made easily on the fabric. It is suitable for both hot and cold nights.


Microfiber fabric consists of very fine fibers and is usually made of polyester. In this way, a very light and thin texture is obtained; its flat surface is extremely soft. For those who are allergic to dust and pollen, microfiber duvet cover sets are the first choice because they keep house mites away and are also highly resistant to other allergen factors.

Bed Linen for Cold Nights

In cold nights, the main task of bed linen is to wrap the skin softly and have a warm touch. Soft pillows and duvet covers invite comfort and pleasure during the cold season. The bedding that shines with its fabric and color on the snowy and cold winter days almost feels like a feast.


Pepper fabric also has a weave like Renforcé fabric and is generally produced from pure cotton. Its surface is rough. For this reason, the duvet covers made of pepper fabric keep extremely warm and soft. It is indispensable for the winter season.


The surface of the flannel duvet cover set is rough. In this way, it keeps it very warm and soft. It is lighter than pepper fabric thanks to its fine yarn quality. For this reason, its weaving is sometimes called fine pepper fabric weaving. Flannel fabric is made of cotton, absorbs moisture, breathes and offers ease of use.


As a soft duvet cover set, micropolar fabric gives our skin a comfortable feeling. The micropolar duvet cover set made of polyester microfibers offers high ease of maintenance as well as softness. It dries quickly after washing and it can be folded and put in the closet without ironing.

Duvet covers for summer day

Duvet cover sets, ideal for summer nights, should provide a light and cool touch. Thin fabrics that can balance heat and breathe are ideal for a comfortable sleep.

Percale cotton

Percale cotton is a fabric with a very dense and flat surface. Percale fabric is very light and absorbent. So it is ideal for summer days. It is also very easy to maintain.


Satin is processed with a frequent weaving technique using cotton threads made of extremely fine fibers. In this way, it acquires a shiny, flat and draped surface. Mako-satin fabric used especially for bedding sets is comfortable to use and has a cooling effect.


Linen is a natural fiber and is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. In addition, it is resistant to bacteria thanks to its natural structure. It has a classic summer fabric feature thanks to its coolness and moisture absorption feature. Linen linens filter moisture in the air well. Therefore, it is also suitable for allergen bodies.

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