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What you need to consider when choosing a duvet cover set?

What you need to consider when choosing a duvet cover set?

Especially people living in big cities spend the whole day at a very fast and intense pace. Well, are we able to store the energy we need throughout the day at times we are at home? In order to be vigorous during the day and live our lives in a healthy way, we need to devote at least 8 hours of the day to a healthy and quality sleep.  Otherwise, physical and psychological problems can make our life more difficult.

Well, what should we consider when choosing duvet cover for a unique sleep experience?

Here are a few tips for you…

First, start by measuring the dimensions of your bed!

First, start by measuring your bed and determining the size of the duvet cover set you need.

Although there are a lot of options in bedding sets in standard sizes in general, it is difficult to find bedding sets in Queen and King sizes.

Hotexhome, has 260x260cm sheets in Queen Duvet Cover Sets in its collection, while the duvet cover measures 200x220cm. In the size specified as the king, there is a duvet cover with a size of 240x220cm and a sheet with a size of 270x310cm.

If you have a large bed or if you are using a bed base, choosing a wide sheet will make your bed look more stylish and you will not need to use bed skirts.A bed sheet wrapping around your bed, choosing a duvet cover that fits the size of your duvet will keep your bed tidy all night.

If you complain about not being able to find a duvet cover in Queen and King Size sizes, you should check out the Hotexhome Duvet Cover Sets.

Colors and patterns …

It’s time to choose a bedding set with the right design for your bedroom. Note that the bedding set you choose will change the whole look of your bedroom. Decide which themes you like. Is it an understated chic plaid or a set decorated with small squares that will stimulate your bedroom?

Make sure that the colors and patterns you choose are compatible with other textile products such as curtains and carpets in your bedroom. A plaid duvet cover set, striped curtains and a floral rug will create a complex look. Therefore, decided correctly with which textile product you will add vitality to your room.

Cotton or linen? How will the product content be decided?

You should definitely pay attention to the content of the duvet cover set you choose. Duvet cover sets with 100% cotton content are generally among the most preferred products due to the comfort they provide. For warm houses in the winter, the linen duvet cover set with large pores, allowing the body to breathe and stay cool will be the ideal choice.  Keep in mind that linen, which has the feature of moisture absorption, is an ideal choice for the summer months and will make you sleep comfortably.

You can also have an effective sleeping experience with a duvet cover set with the soft texture and anti allergic properties of bamboo, which is highly preferred today.

Sine qua non…

Duvet cover sets generally consist of duvet cover, bed sheet and 2 pillowcases. Unlike many brands, Hotexhome duvet cover sets have an extra 2 pillowcases. Ear size of these pillow covers, defined as Oxford pillows, is around 5 cm and is designed for standard pillows. With extra pillows, your bed will have a more comfortable and rich look. You can also increase the elegance of your bed with complementary products such as decorative pillows and blankets.

Quilt Selection

When choosing your comforter, it will be a great convenience if you choose a product with the same washing instructions as your duvet cover set. Do not forget to pay attention to whether the duvet cover set fits the size.

Washing Instructions

Depending on the content, there may be differences in the care of the bedding sets you choose.

While you can wash most of the cotton products at 40 ° C, you may need to do sensitive washing for synthetic products. In addition to washing features, you can also see how to iron products on the labels.

You should pay attention to the washing instructions to ensure that the products you choose do not shrink, discolor, and have a long life.

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