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Each new year comes with new hopes, new plans, new goals. That’s why it’s exciting for many to enter a new year, and it’s important to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. Well, how would you like to take a look at the preparations you need to make for a pleasant New Year’s Eve?

1- Decide what to do that night

First make your plan for New Year’s Eve. Are you planning a home organization with your family or loved ones or will you be a guest at another house? Maybe you are planning a nice dinner and a fun night out… If you are going to meet your loved ones living in a different city, start by buying your plane tickets.

2- Prepare New Year’s cards

Nowadays, although we use messages or e-mails for New Year’s celebrations, you can surprise and make your loved ones happy by sending cards. What can replace a loving message and good wishes written in your handwriting? Do not forget to send your New Year’s cards as soon as possible so that they can reach the address on time.

3- Prepare for your guests at your home

If you are going to spend the New Year at home with your loved ones or if some of your guests are going to spend the night with you, review and complete your shortcomings. Don’t you have enough towels for your guests? New Year’s Eve can be an opportunity for you to notice and complete your home. By taking advantage of the New Year’s offers, you can change your old sheets and duvet cover sets and renew your towels.

4- Make a gift list and don’t be late to buy gifts

The shopping you will do with the concern that I should choose a gift a few days before the New Year will consist of both unpleasant and ordinary choices. Make a list of your loved ones that you are planning to receive gifts and start writing down the ideas that come to mind. Of course, do not neglect to create a budget for yourself. In this way, you can both complete your shopping before you start to rush, and choose suitable gifts for your loved ones that will make them feel special. If you need suggestions and different gift options this year, be sure to check out our New Year’s Eve campaign and gift sets.

5- Complete your preparations for your decoration and New Year’s table

If you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve outside, your preparations will be easy. However, you can still buy a pine tree to keep the spirit of Christmas in your home and create a celebration atmosphere in your home with tiny lighting. If you will be home with your loved ones on New Year’s Eve, you will need to prepare more. You can start by checking whether the plates and glasses you will use on your New Year’s table are sufficient. Do not forget to prepare accessories such as candles, candlesticks, flowers, napkin holders by deciding how to decorate your New Year’s table.

6- It’s time to decide on the menu for those who will spend New Year’s Eve at home!

After completing your New Year decoration, you may decide to consider the menu. Decide which dishes to serve. While creating your menu, do not forget your guests’ preferences. For those who are vegetarian or picky about food, add different snacks to your menu. In this way, you will be offered different options to your guests and you will not be hungry. If you are going to order out for appetizers or main course, give your orders a few days in advance. For the meals you will prepare at home, buy your ingredients and drinks in line with the menu you created a few days before New Year’s Eve so that the stress of shopping is not added to the cooking rush on the last day.

7- Clean your house

If your kitchen is tidy, cooking is more enjoyable, and if your home is clean, it will be easier to decorate. For this reason, do not neglect to clean your home and organize your refrigerator. In this way, you will both discover your shortcomings and remove the crowd that will tire you from your home during your holiday.

8- Don’t neglect yourself!

The New Year is an opportunity to take care of yourself and to be renewed. Do not neglect yourself while buying gifts for your loved ones, decorating your home, making plans that will make New Year’s Eve fun. Start the new year by making yourself happy and healthy. You can have relaxing getaways like a spa, and spend the evening wearing special clothes by shopping for yourself. Check out our bedroom collection to wake up happy on the first morning of the new year, and our home wear categories to spend the first day of the new year comfortably at home.

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