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What To Look Out For In Towel Care

What To Look Out For In Towel Care

Bath towel, hand and face towel, beach towel or foot towel, the intended use of your towel is determined, dry. The posture of our towels, opposite our skin, is determined by the attention we show them. If you take good care of your towels, they will always show us their soft side.

We assume that you take care of your health and personal hygiene and have therefore bought a good quality towel. This is the assumption with which we begin our towel care article.

Your towels are of good quality. We have passed this step. How do you keep them clean and tidy?

Before washing, first separate the towels by type, colour and properties and do not wash all towels in a single wash. Read the washing instructions on the label, wash the embroidered towels, lace towels, towels that are excessively dirty, in short each type of towel according to its own characteristics.
For example, do not wash towels with fine embroidery at too high temperatures, pre-wash very dirty towels, do not use fabric softeners on coloured towels, as coloured towels may lose their colour as a result.

We would like to address the issue of fabric softeners. Most of us complain that the towels are hard if we do not use fabric softeners. Softeners soften the towel, but destroy the fast drying function of cotton fibres.

Now we’re at the drying stage of the towels. Here it is up to you what you want to choose. After you have washed the towels, you can hang them up without waiting or use a dryer. Dryers dry the laundry with hot air. This can cause the pile to swell and give you softer and more fluffy towels. Do not hesitate to use your towels frequently. The towels must be washed at least 10 to 12 times to become more absorbent.

Make sure that the waredrobe in which you place the towels is tidy. Make sure the towels are dry and well ventilated before folding them. Put your new laundry down and use your top towel to ensure that the towels are used evenly.

A towel cupboard that is regularly grouped by colour and size makes for ease of use and ensures that you can control the frequency of use of each towel.

Remember, the more you take care of your towels, the softer the towels are to your skin.

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