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Polycotton Duvet Cover Set

Polycotton Duvet Cover Set

Polycotton is one of the most popular types of blended fabrics and is widely used for home textile products such as bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases.

It is made of hygroscopic, breathable and durable yarns that absorb the best performance properties of both fibers by mixing polycotton, cotton and polyester. The presence of synthetics led to the formation of bright colors during dyeing, and the presence of cotton threads gave the fabric a nice touch. Also, it is not subject to shrinkage due to polyester material and is cheaper than natural cotton fabrics.

”The presence of synthetic fibers does not allow the fabric to crumple, and natural fibers guarantee it to be hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.”

The ratio of cotton and polyester in polycotton is not fixed. There are four types of materials, each with their own characteristics and cost. For example, fabric made of 65% cotton and 35% synthetics is the most expensive. This is due to the very high content of natural fibers making the material as close as possible to natural cotton fabrics.

The next type is represented by equally polyester and cotton fabrics. They are characterized by good ventilation and high strength. It costs a little less than the previous type, but it is difficult to call it a budget option.

The third and fourth types of fabric are among the inexpensive materials, so they are particularly popular with consumers. One of them is 35% cotton and 65% synthetic fabrics.

But if you choose products with a lower polyester content, you may not notice a significant difference between polycotton and natural fabric if you do not exceed 50% of the total volume.

Hotexhome produce our Polycotton duvet cover sets as 65% cotton 35% polyester and 50 wire yarn.

If you want to experience the luxury and comfort of this modern blend, you should definitely examine Hotexhome’s Polycotton Duvet Cover Set models.

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