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What is Organic Towel?

What is Organic Towel?

Undoubtedly, one of the most common words we come across recently; organic. With the consumer turning to the natural, a wide range of organic products from food to textiles started to increase. We can even say that the word organic has turned into a separate category for many brands. So what does organic mean in real terms and what positive contributions does choosing an organic towel have for you?

In its simplest terms, it means “naturally made” organic. In fact, although we come across the phrase organic in many places, we are not sure whether all of them really deserve this label. In order for a product to be organic, it is not enough to use natural raw materials during the production phase of the product, at the same time, it should not be exposed to external factors such as chemicals during the entire production phase, and the production should be made under the necessary sensitive conditions.

Contrary to popular belief, organic towel production is a process that is subject to very serious controls. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about organic agriculture before organic textile. Organic cotton is collected by planting in fields where synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have not been used for at least 3 years, and chemicals such as synthetic dyes, bleaches, brighteners and heavy metals are not used at any point of the production stage. For this reason, in order for a textile product to be organic, not only the brand that produces cotton and its production, but also all manufacturers supplying products to that brand must be working in accordance with the standards. Brands that make such production are regularly checked and certified. To summarize briefly, it is essential for organic textiles that the whole process starting with the collection of cotton from the field and until it reaches the consumer is natural.

The company that sells with the organic product label must make a contract with one of the certification bodies. This certificate, owned by the brand, is a guarantee that all processes until the raw material turns into a product do not contain substances harmful to the environment and living life and that they are inspected. Therefore, you can tell whether a product is really organic or not from the certificate logos or numbers on the product.

With the development of environmental awareness, the value of organic products has become more known in recent years. So what are the advantages of choosing an organic towel?

As we have explained above, an organic product has been produced without harming the environment. By choosing this product that is produced in harmony with nature, you will protect the water resources contaminated by pesticides and the soil against erosion. Choosing a product that does not disturb the ecological balance is also of great importance for your health.

It is known that chemical products used in agricultural practices and production processes cause diseases such as cancer and lung diseases, which are frequently encountered in recent years. Nature-friendly products do not pose any danger to your health as they do not contain any chemicals. Organic cotton is more pure and natural. It allows your skin to breathe more easily. The natural nature of products such as towels and bathrobes that directly contact your skin eliminates risks such as allergic reactions. Since there are no chemical residues in these products, which adjust the heat balance of the body, you will not have skin problems.

Since no chemicals are used in the growing, processing and production process of cotton, we can say that the towel you have purchased is of higher quality and longer life than standard cotton products. Organic towels and bathrobes that offer an extra softness will leave a more pleasant impression on your skin and make you feel more comfortable.

If you want to explore this experience by using organic towels or bathrobes, you can take a look at the products of the Hotexhome brand, which has the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certificate.

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