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What does her bathroom tell you about you?

What does her bathroom tell you about you?

In our bathrooms you may find references to our personality, such as our hobbies, our love of comfort and aesthetics, our travel preferences, such as small but important details that our bathrooms tell about us. In our article, we have examined the most preferred bathroom decorations for you and created a profile for each bathroom style that corresponds to your decoration preferences. Below you can see the bathrooms that you like best, that suit you best, and see if these bathrooms reflect your personality.

Traditional and tasty.

You have a rich and balanced taste. You are probably either married or have a career-oriented lover.

Travel preferences: Any place with many star hotels can be a holiday destination.

Your favourite drink: CaramelFrappuccino

Your zodiac sign: Twins, Libra or Bull.

Romantic, traveller and vintage lover.

You are a fan of detective films, symphonic music, in which make-up and decoration stand out. They love antique and antiquated furniture, but are also interested in eye-catching objects. Decorating, doing business with your friends is indispensable for you.

Her preference for travel is New York, CoteD CAzur and Venice. You also want to travel the Mediterranean on a giant ship.

Favourite drink: Cocktails with sour and minty aromas
Your zodiac sign: Cancer, lion, scorpion or Sagittarius.

Sea lover.

You love the sea, but prefer to be on the beach rather than the wide seas. You prefer outdoor sports such as tennis, swimming and sailing. It is an amusing weekend for you if you go to a restaurant where you can find the best seafood, or take a long walk in company with the lighthouse on the beach.

Your preference for travel: Maine, Florida, Caribbean.
Your favorite drink: What goes well with fish.
Your sign of the zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius or Fish.

Dreamy, ambitious and travel enthusiast.

Living between the four walls is not for you. Your home must be connected to nature. Peace is for you to live in forests in the mountains. You are an enthusiastic recycling enthusiast and willing to do whatever is necessary for naturalness.

Your choice of trip: Bali, Vietnam and Honduras. A safari trip in Africa is your biggest dream or a long vacation in a holiday home on one of the islands on the Pacific coast. You can be satisfied with a cabin rental.

Your favorite drink: herbal drinks, without colorants and acid-free drinks that are completely natural.
Your sign of the zodiac: Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn.


Beauty, skin care, make-up and hair care products will be closely followed by you. You are resourceful, but at the same time you have an ambitious personality. Party is just the thing for you. Inviting friends to a great dinner is one of the things you love most. Your travel choice: Athens, Paris, Rome and any place where a beautiful spa centre is located.

Your favourite drink: CafeLatte

Your zodiac sign: Aries, Aquarius or Cancer.

Artist, designer, architect or engineer.

You are very successful at solving problems and bringing different perspectives to events. Their preferences at school were probably discussion groups and philosophy. You are an open-minded, self-confident person who is aware of your own value.

Your preference for travel: Fashion centres where you can follow vintage fashion, cities with ancient ruins such as Egypt and Peru.

Your favourite drink: chewing gum-flavoured drinks.

Your sign of the zodiac: Cancer, scales, fish or virgin.

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