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What are the Uses and Advantages of Polycotton?

What are the Uses and Advantages of Polycotton?

The use of polycotton is broad enough. A plain or monochrome cloth used for bed linen such as bed covers, pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers. Bleached fabric is indispensable in the production of orders for the arrangement of bedding for hotels, hospitals, sanatoriums and passenger long-distance trains.

Due to the presence in the composition of polyester yarns, such fabrics are easily bleached and withstand the thermal anti-bacterial treatment required for this category of laundry.

Multi-colored fabrics are also actively used in the sewing of bedspreads and home textiles and are considered the most sought-after product group in this segment. Polycotton responds well to quilting process. This is due to the presence of synthetic threads that prevent the formation of large holes from the needle during quilting.

” Quilted material is very popular and indispensable when sewing covers, blankets and mattresses. ”

However, in the independent production of bedding or home textiles, certain rules must be followed for the use of a particular polycotton.

Therefore, before using new laundry, it is recommended to rinse it in cold water, and all washing should be done with water at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.

Advantages of Polycotton;

Stable consumer demand and the high popularity of polycotton are due to the significant advantages of this material.

– The high durability and long lifetime of the fabric distinguish it from completely natural fabrics.
– The brightness of the colors and the durability of the coloring material can be used in the production of clothing and bedding.
– The low breakability of the fabric ensures that polycotton products have a smooth appearance. This property of the material is particularly valuable in the production of sportswear and bedding that cannot be ironed after washing.
– It does not shrink and deform with polycotton washing. In addition, the products are washed and dried very quickly.
– The high hygiene of Polikoton is due to the excellent hygroscopicity of the material and its ability to freely flow air.
– The economical nature of modern blend polycotton fabric distinguishes it from many natural fabrics.

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