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What are the Advantages of Fibrosoft Towels and Bathrobes?

What are the Advantages of Fibrosoft Towels and Bathrobes?

Fibrosoft is a production technology, not a material or the content of a towel. In recent years, serious developments have been experienced in towel weaving and knitting technology, which has enabled more natural and more functional towels and bathrobes to enter our bathrooms. These towels, which are produced with a very sensitive weaving technique as a result of spinning cotton with a special production technique, have many different usage advantages compared to standard cotton towels. In this article, we will talk about some of the advantages you will experience if you choose these products.

Fibrosoft is natural

In recent years, with the increase in awareness about environment and health, natural products have become more preferred in many areas from food to textile products. Of course, the developing technology and the preference of natural products were also reflected in the towel and Fibrosoft products started to appear.

Fibrosoft products are produced from cotton, a natural material, and care is taken that this natural essence is not lost during the whole process. Although it is thought that there are different materials in its content due to its softness that you will feel the difference when you touch it, Fibrosoft towels are not synthetic. Its extra softness is provided by physical methods, not chemical. Since it is not exposed to external factors such as chemicals during the production phase, it is harmless for you and the environment.

Has high water absorbency

The most important indicator of a quality towel is its high water absorbency. A towel that absorbs and locks water quickly offers you comfort during drying. Fibrosoft towels, which have a more bulky and fuller structure than the towels we are used to, may be preferred with their high water absorption power. At the same time, because it is 100% natural, it does not cause an allergic reaction even in people with sensitive skin.

Offers extra softness

Almost nobody likes a harsh touch that creates a rough feeling when it comes into contact with your skin. Fibrosoft towels have a very soft texture thanks to their curls. This difference and the harmony with your skin make Fibrosoft towels and bathrobes indispensable, especially after bathing. Despite its fullness, its lightness is one of the features that emphasize its quality.

Fibrosoft is Resistant

Another important issue we pay attention to in the textile products we buy is the durability of the product we choose. Especially considering that hand towels are washed very often, it becomes more important to choose a quality towel. Fibrosoft towels have a flexible structure. It is suitable for daily use as it will maintain its softness and high water absorption power for a long time even with frequent use. As long as the washing instructions are followed, your towels will keep their durability for a long time.

If you want to make a difference in your bathrooms with Fibrosoft towels and bathrobes, and experience the natural and comfortable state of drying, you can try the Fibrosoft bathrobes and towels in the Hotexhome collection.

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