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Use your old towels

Use your old towels

There is a very interesting relationship between the number of towels in our house and our lifestyle. Let us assume that our individual life begins with our studies.
Let us begin with the analysis of the process of conquest of our house by towels, like an invasion by aliens.

Especially if you don’t live in the same place with your parents during your studies, the relationship starts with towels. In the beginning you don’t have such a good relationship and 2-3 towels are enough for you.

Then your single life begins. Either you live alone or you share the same house with some of your friends. With the start of your working life, things get a little more serious here. You will get to know the towels and replacement towel logics used for other purposes.

But when you get married, everything changes and the invasion begins. From towel to foot towel, from hair towel to kitchen towels, from sports towel to beach towel. Then you realize that half of your laundry basket is full of towels and that you are constantly washing. The old towels will not leave you so quickly, even if they can no longer fulfil their functions. And one day you show them who the boss is and you decide to get rid of your old towels. Of course, to make room for new intruders. How do you get rid of your old towels? Throw it in the trash would not go, you can still use it a little but not so much that you can pass it on to someone who could need it. Here are some suggestions what you can do in this case. These are the things that come to mind, and we would appreciate it if you would share your ideas with us.

Careful, there are towels in the trunk!

Let’s start with towels that you can use without intervention. If you have a car or motorcycle, leave some of your old towels in the trunk. When you go to the picnic or beach, you can use these towels, these towels will help you in many different ways, you can also use them to protect your seats after a dusty, sandy activity.

Special beach blanket for you!

If you sew a few towels together, you can create a picnic blanket of the desired size or a blanket for the beach on which you can lie. you can also design an individual beach bed: You can sew a tiny cover to the end of a towel and fill it with foam that is not affected by water, and you have a padded beach cover that leaves your head comfortable when lying on the sand or sunbed. You can also use the old towels to store your mobile phone by sewing a bag and keeping it dry. Everything else is left to your creativity.

Gift for your dog…
Next, we have a suggestion, which you can do very easily. If you have a dog, knit the towels together, knot them at both ends and your dog toy is ready.

Bath Mat…

Would you like to make your own bath mat?

Cut 2 different coloured old towels into 4 equal squares and sew them diagonally together. Here is your tile bath mat ready. What you can do here is limited to your imagination.

Protective Towels

If it is important to you that the outside air should not penetrate, whether it is cold or hot, and if you want to save some money, you can create a simple solution by putting old towels under the doors. To make them look stylish, you can roll the towels and sew their ends together and in the middle.

Do-it-yourself projects…

If you have a little interest in sewing and are interested in DIY projects, you can sew from old towels, seat cushions, beach bags, slippers, bath towels, bags to hang on the bathroom wall, oven gloves, a sponge for car wash, a cover for your chair or a chair cushion and a nice bed for your dog.


If you are one of those who says: even if I would like it so much, I can’t do such projects, I have a lot to do, then you can donate your old towels to the animal shelters that need them most.

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