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Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels

• What is Turkish Cotton?

• Turkish Cotton is high quality cotton that has extra long fibers. Use of longer fibers in yarn spinning leads the yarn to make less fiber joints. Less fiber joints makes the yarn softer.Turkish cotton harvested in the small area of Agean Region in Anatolia.

• Why Turkish Towels Have High Quality?

• Turkish Towels made from Turkish cotton provides very good balance between absorbency and softness which make them the best. Too much absorbency in the towel causes the towel remain wet for a long time after use. Also the towels which have too much absorbency can become wet by themselves in humid climates.


All the towels and bathrobes used by the White House president and the rich Americans and used in the Troy film starring Brad Pitt are Turkish towels produced in Bursa.

At the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in England, Turkish towels were preferred in the design and production of 40 thousand pcs gold embroidered towels as wedding invitations.

In addition, many baptism towels used for newborn babies in Russia are Turkish towels produced in Bursa.

Turkish towels were used by athletes at the European Basketball Championship and at the The Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London, where the world’s best men’s tennis players compete.

Turkish towel continues to attract international professional buyers with its quality and originality and to be recognized all over the world.

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