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Turkish Hotel Towels

Turkish Hotel Towels

The only thing indispensable for hotel customers are clean, soft and fragrant hotel towels that will make them feel happy after the shower.

Our collection of top quality, luxury hotel towels produced from Turkish cotton; It consists of hand towel, face towel, bath towel, foot towel, bathrobe, and loincloth.

Hotel Hand Towel; Hand towels made of 20/2 ring yarn are 50×70 cm and 50 × 90 cm. According to preference; The models that we can produce as 225, 250 and 300 gsm / mt2 are the first reflection of the comfort of the home offered in the hotel room.

Hotel Foot towel; The models we prepared from 20/2 ring yarn are 50 × 70 cm in size. According to customer needs, foot towels can be produced as 190, 250, and 300 gsm / mt2.

Hotel Face towel; Face towels produced from 20/2 ring yarn are 50 × 90 cm. According to preference; It can produce 380-480 gsm / mt2.

Hotel Bath Towel; Carefully prepared bath towels from 20/2 ring yarn have two different length options. Products with a size of 70 × 140 cm can be produced at a weight of 500 or 600 gsm / mt2. Bathroom towels with dimensions of 90 × 150 cm can be 600 or 800 gsm / mt2, depending on preference.

Hotel Bathrobe; When it comes to customer satisfaction, bathrobes, which are much more useful than towels, are produced in any size according to demand. Models with dimensions that adult female and male guests can use can be produced according to any desired weight.

Hammam Culture in Rooms…

Peshtemal; Providing examples from Turkish culture to domestic and foreign guests, the loincloth can be used in indoor pool or SPA services.

Hotexhome Turkish Hotel Towels;

It is produced from long fibers of cotton.
It has soft and flatter texture and has higher absorbency.
Its durability is quite strong.
The deformation rate is very low.

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