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Tips For Choosing Sheet And Duvet Cover Set

Tips For Choosing Sheet And Duvet Cover Set

For a comfortable sleep experience, the choice of bed sheets and duvet covers is as important as choosing a good mattress. Well, how to choose the bed sheet and duvet cover set, what tricks should be considered for the right choice? You can find the answers in our article.

Pay Attention To The Number Of Wires For A Durable Selection

The number of strands is a factor that increases the softness and durability of the fabric. The ideal numbers for the number of wires expressing the number of weft and warps per square centimeter of yarn are 57, 64, 72 and 82. The durability of bed sheet or bedding set models with a number of strings above these numbers decreases rather than increases. Because the excessive number of wires causes the threads to become thinner, and thus the fabric becomes damaged and worn even in a simple friction.

Make Friendly Choices For Nature Or For Yourself

It is very important that you make choices that use natural raw materials in the selection of sheets and duvet cover sets that will not harm nature or your skin. For this, you can carefully read the product labels and check whether they comply with the worldwide accepted certificates. You can choose Hotexhome’s OEKO – TEX certified products, which express ecological quality, to make both nature-friendly choices and yourself.

Avoid Cheap Imported Items

Very affordable imported products with poor quality yarn and workmanship only allow you to save on the day you buy. However, after that, you need to buy a new sheet or duvet cover to replace the product that is worn out quickly. Hotexhome’s domestic production products; It meets all the expectations of users with its long-lasting, quality, stylish and comfortable structures.

Consider Your Decoration

Duvet cover set models, with their stylish patterns and nice colors, are now used alone without bed covers. When you collect your bed, you can take into account not only the colors and patterns you like, but also the colors and style of your room to create an image in harmony with your room. For example, if you do not have a patterned textile product in your room, you can use patterned sheets and duvet cover sets with peace of mind. If your curtains or decorative pillows are patterned, you can go for solid color models.

Look for Models Made of Raw Materials Suitable for Your Expectations

Sheets and duvet cover sets are generally; It is produced from different fabrics such as cotton, cotton satin, linen, Lyocell and Pollycotton. Cotton satin stands out with its soft texture, as well as its moisture protection on the hair and skin. The more durable, more comfortable form of cotton and cotton, which are air-permeable and comfortable in summer, offer a long-lasting and comfortable use. Lyocell appeals to those looking for a natural alternative to cotton. It easily meets your expectations with its antibacterial structure, softness and non-wrinkling texture. Among all these, you can choose the product with the most suitable raw material for you.

You can find exactly the product you want by browsing Hotexhome’s quality, long-lasting and stylish bed sheets or duvet cover sets.

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