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Tips for choosing a towel that matches your bathroom decoration

Tips for choosing a towel that matches your bathroom decoration

In the past, towels were regarded only as textile products, which over time have taken an important place in bathroom decoration. When selecting towels that have become an important part of the decorative style you want to create or produce in your bathroom, design has been added as a criterion. Today it is possible to find towels in different colors and patterns from many different materials. In recent times, various towel presentations have often shown how effective towels are in bathroom decoration. If you say: how can I present towels differently, we recommend that you read our towel presentations. In this article you will learn how to choose the right towel for your bathroom decoration.

Think of your bathroom as a whole…

When selecting your clothing, you make sure that it is compatible with each other. The situation in your bathroom is very similar. When choosing a towel, you should pay attention to the overall appearance of your bathroom. Everything, from the sink to the tiles, from your bath mat to your bathtub, affects your choice of towels.

How many towels do you need in the bathroom?

Towels, bath towels, guest towels Depending on the number of people you use in the bathroom, the number of towels you will use changes. Therefore, you need to think about who is using the bathroom. Make sure that the colours and materials are compatible. Make sure that the towels are compatible.

The easiest way to paint the bathroom is to use towels.

Towels are one of the easiest ways to paint the bathroom. However, when choosing the colour and pattern of your towel you should not overlook the overall theme of your bathroom and the colours of your bathroom. If you have a blue shower curtain with grey tiles, the red towels create a very colourful and complex look. You can make several different combinations for your towels. so the towels you use also fit together while the others are being washed.

If your bathroom has a very ordinary appearance and consists of light colors, you can use vivid colors such as yellow or red. If you want to create a spa view in your bathroom and emphasize cleanliness, you can choose colors such as white, beige, and cream. For your health, you should prevent the formation of bacteria by frequently washing towels that are frequently used during the day. Do not hesitate to use light towels as they are often washed…

The colours of the towels and the patterns are very important. Blue tones and white towels are suitable for a maritime bathroom. However, if you choose a towel with a floral pattern, it will not fit the theme. If you are using a patterned or embroidered towel, make sure it is suitable for your theme. You can choose the same towels as the tile colours to create an elegant look in your bathroom. For a country style bathroom, floral or striped towels look very elegant and enhance the effect. For a classic look, it is useful to say that fluffy, soft and white towels are always the most effective alternative.

Similar materials.

Cotton, bamboo, linen or microfibre. When shopping you will see many different towels with different contents. Of course, you should not choose the towels after use, but according to your habits and touches. However, the different contents and weights of the selected towels influence their appearance. If you hang a peshtemal for the same use next to a 100% cotton towel, you will affect its appearance. Once you have identified your towel needs, you may need a categorisation to present the towels. This will make your towels look more comfortable. If you would like more information about the contents of towels, read our article ”5 points for a good quality towel”.

Where will you store your towels?

How do you present your daily towels in the bathroom? Do they hang on a hook or lie in a cupboard or basket? You must leave your towels and bath towels outside because they are wet and you cannot put wet towels in a cupboard. You should therefore decide how you will present your towels. You will also need storage space in your bathroom for your spare towels. If you do not have enough space for a cupboard, you can store your towels in a basket or on shelves. Remember that the towels that you place on the shelves are always in sight and are considered decoration. If your towels are to be in the foreground, then your replacement towels must also be selected to match your decoration.

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