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Production Process Of A Towel

Production Process Of A Towel

The towels that are essential for our bathrooms are used dozens of times every day, but few of us know how they are made. In this article we briefly explain the journey of the towel from the fields to the bathrooms.

The first step of the towel journey is the production of yarn from the raw material. In addition to high water absorption and soft properties, cotton is generally used in towel production, with properties such as colour fastness and durability. However, linen is also a preferred fibre. In order to increase the durability and colour brilliance of cotton, polyester was also used in towel production by blending with cotton.

The cotton most suitable for weaving is produced in factories, the yarn and towel after a series of processes such as winding, warping, sizing, drawing and weft weaving. The production process continues with the dyeing process of the cloths obtained by weaving the bottom and the bark. After the dyeing process, which is mainly carried out after weaving, it passes through the manufacturing process and a towel is now ready for use. The yarns are rarely woven after dyeing. Towels produced in this way are called yarn-dyed towels. However, as this is a cost-increasing factor, the dyeing process is usually left to the next stage. Finally, the sewing process concludes the towel manufacturing process. In contrast to other beach towels, printed or yarn-dyed towels can also be produced in addition to the dyeing. Although yarn-dyed towels last longer, they are often not preferred because of their high cost. In beach towels, ball varnish technique is often preferred. Beach towels are often dyed and printed using the ball varnish technique. In the production of velour towels, which differ from the standard towel production, the towels are cut in terry to keep them upright. Apart from these towels, they are patterned during the weaving process and produced as Jacquard towels with their own designs.

Towels are now available in many different designs. Various towels woven at the ends, towels with bordure. The lint-free weaving of a part of the towel leads to design differences that offer the consumer many possibilities.

In our article we talked briefly about the main topics of towel production. We also said in our other articles that a good quality towel should have properties such as high water absorption and fast absorption. We have told you that it is important to choose a towel that is suitable for you and your purpose. For those who are interested in the characteristics that distinguish a good quality towel from other towels, it is recommended to read our article entitled ”5 points to consider when choosing a towel”.



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