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When the weather outside gets cold, it’s time to bring warmth to your home. You can take a look at our tips to make your home, where you spend more time in winter, look more intimate and warm.

Cheer Up With Colors

You can avoid the gloom of the winter month by using cheerful colors. With a light colored blanket or cushion with a bold pattern, you can animate and revive the parts of the furniture that seem empty. Since brightly colored products can be used for both summer and winter, they can continue to take on the task of coloring your home instead of aging in the cabinets. Hotexhome Pillows with different color alternatives will be a good choice for those looking for an energetic look on their sofas. We invite those looking for a warm look suitable for the spirit of winter to discover the Hotexhome’s Knitted Cushions.

Sunny Houses

During the winter, the days get shorter and the weather gets dark quickly. It is possible to take advantage of the natural light of the sun on such days. A large mirror hung on a wall that reflects the light coming from the window into the house will greatly increase the light coming into the house. Moreover, you can get a stylish and decorative look by painting the mirror’s frame in a striking color.

Window Decoration

You can manage to keep the pessimistic atmosphere of winter outside your home with curtains of cheerful and bright colors. While avoiding dark colored curtains, remember that you can enliven your home with patterned curtains.

Season of Layers

Just like winter fashion, winter decoration is all about layers. You can add elegance to your rooms by covering your armchairs, sofas with seat covers or by covering them with fabrics. Sitting groups with covers and fabrics add warmth and style to their environment. Moreover, it is very easy to wash and clean after guest visits, family gatherings. It is time to return for the velvet-like thick covers and knitted patterns that you removed at the beginning of the summer. Hotexhome’s Knitted Blankets will be indispensable for both bedrooms and living areas this winter, which will remain at your fingertips and at the same time make your sofas look more comfortable. With its pastel color options, Hotexhome’s Armchair Shawl is the easiest and most elegant way to give your sofas a different look.

Comfort Under Your Feet

Although stylish floors such as wood seem to be a sophisticated style statement, they are not very useful in terms of comfort and comfort in the cold winter months. You can bring comfort and warmth under your feet with a soft and fluffy carpet or mat that you place in the main living areas of the house. To create an authentic atmosphere, you can create a layer and create a visual effect by placing another carpet on top of one carpet.

Season of Fragrances

Of course, decor and accessories are very powerful steps to make your home stylish, but by adding the right fragrances to the general atmosphere of the house, you can live the whole atmosphere of the season in your home. With cinnamon, pine needles or an evergreen potpourri, you can prepare a fragrant bowl with a fragrant smell and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere in your house to the fullest. If you want to bring exotic scents from nature into your home, Vavana Sticks Room Fragrances are just for you.

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