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Christmas is one of the most colorful and exciting times of the year. On the one hand, the excitement of entering a new year, on the other hand, the decisions taken for the new year… If your decision in the new year is to enjoy life more and create living spaces where you will feel happy, then we invite you to explore our New Year Campaign.

Let the preparations for the New Year begin, your house be happy!

Those who make plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home or who will welcome the New Year at home go to small changes in decoration for the New Year. Sparkling pine wood, colorful decorative products allow you to experience the joy of that evening. For those who want to make a permanent change in their homes this year and enjoy every day of the new year, we have prepared special linens, bathrobes, throw pillows, blankets and much more for you. Some of our products…

For those who want to wake up happy to the first morning of the year …

Every morning is a new beginning, and most of the time, you will spend the rest of the day in the same mood you started in the morning. It would be nice to make small changes in your bedroom to wake up happy on the first and next mornings of the new year. How would you like to examine our bedding sets that provide a healthy sleep with their soft texture and change your bedroom completely with different patterns, our pillows and bedspreads that will provide a comfortable sleep?

Do not neglect to take care of yourself in the new year.

It is not known how you will make decisions about your life, career or relationships in the new year, but let’s take care of yourself. There are many alternatives among Hotexhome products to make every moment you live out of the ordinary. Our recommendation is to examine our products in the towel and bathrobe category to increase the pleasure of bathing. We think that the quality and attractive prices of our products that will leave a nice touch on your skin will win your appreciation.

Best gift; home comfort

Increasing the value of the times we enjoy being at home is by paying attention to every moment we live in. If you are one of those who think that comfort comes first in your home, our home wear products where you will experience comfort and elegance together are just for you. How would you like to present the comfort of home to your loved ones to wake up to happy mornings and add pleasure to their time at home?

Warm welcome to the new year

Blankets are undoubtedly one of the leading actors of the time we spend in our homes on cold days. If you will spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones at home, get your blankets ready for a cold evening! Our blankets will be indispensable in the evenings when you will watch movies at home, warm you in peaceful hours when you will read your book and add a pleasant atmosphere to your home with its appearance. Let us remind you that blankets can also be a warm gift for your loved ones.

We haven’t forgotten the little ones either!

Hotexhome does not forget the little ones who will experience the excitement of the new year the most. For those who want the best for their baby, duvet cover sets that take their comfort from their naturalness, towels and bathrobes suitable for your baby’s smooth skin …

Your loved ones will remember you all year!

How would you like to give gifts to your loved ones that will make their homes beautiful and will remember you all year round? Colorful, patterned cushions and more are waiting for you in our New Year’s Eve campaign!

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