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Materials And Properties Used In The Production Of The Bathrobe

Materials And Properties Used In The Production Of The Bathrobe

Bathrobe; It is a garment made from white, dyed or printed terry cloth which absorbs water very quickly, is used for drying of the body, woven or knitted with one or two faces in a loop or knit.


Terry towels made of 100% cotton: Made of 100% cotton. Bathrobes made of cotton terrycloth are, due to their high absorbency, the most suitable bathrobes for use after bathing.

Velour Towel: has a better touch than a Terry towel, the outer surface is shaved. The inner parts remain as terry. The velour bathrobe is smooth and light and has less absorbency than the Terry towel.

Bamboo mixes: Bamboo yarns are made from bamboo plants, have antibacterial and deodorant properties and are environmentally friendly. The water absorption of bamboo can be increased by mixing cotton.

Organic cotton: In recent years, organic cotton has been preferred because it does not harm nature and is healthy. No chemical fertilizers or medicines are used in the production of cotton. Water absorption is high.


The towel fabrics are separated into two types according to the dyeing technique.

Yarn-dyed towel fabrics: fabrics obtained during weaving with coloured yarn. They are usually patterned terry towelling fabrics which can have one or more colours in the transverse or longitudinal direction.

Ball Painted Towels fabrics: Monochrome terry fabrics dyed after weaving can be patterned using weaving techniques.

Fabrics are divided into two groups according to the structure of the yarn used in the warp.

Single-layer fabrics: Warp towel fabric consisting of a single layer of yarn.

Double Coat Towels Fabrics: The fabric is obtained using the yarn produced by bending the yarn together with the pile warp.

Physical properties of towel fabrics: Terry fabrics can be formed by weaving and knitting systems.


Full body bathrobe: Usually 150-160 cm.

Medium bathrobe: Body length between knees and ankles.

Short bathrobe: Body length up to the knee.

Hooded bathrobe: With the hooded bathrobe you can also dry your hair and no additional towel is needed.

Kimono bathrobe: Kimono bathrobes are produced in medium or short size. No hood, light weight, narrow neckline.

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