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Indispensable Turkish Towel of Summer months Peshtemal

Indispensable Turkish Towel of Summer months Peshtemal

Peshtemal has a long history and story. The peshtemal, which takes its place from our bathrooms to beach bags, is preferred by many people especially in the summer months. There are many reasons to prefer peshtemal with its variety of uses, lightness and colorful shades of summer. Here are 7 reasons that make Turkish Towel Peshtemal indispensable in summer;

1- Lightness

We prefer the lightest of everything in summer!

The peshtemal, which is much lighter than towels and bathrobes, is the first choice in Hammam and saunas with this feature. Ideal for those who want to experience the refreshing shower effect in the summer for a long time, the peshtemal has high water absorption feature of Turkish Cotton.

2- Fast drying feature and to be hygienic

Another important reason why peshtemal is frequently preferred is its fast drying feature. Especially in the summer, when we take a shower several times a day and on the beaches where we swim, the fast drying feature ensures a comfortable use every time.

Products that remain wet for a long time create an ideal environment for bacterial growth. Fast drying feature, peshtemal, provides a hygienic usage by reducing the reproduction risk of bacteria that love moisture since it dries in a short time.

3- Easy to be portable

For Peshtemal, the most important advantage of having a light texture is that it provides a practical use especially during travel. It may be very troublesome to carry a towel along with many clothes and personal items that you will take with you on your holiday. It is quite easy to fit in your peshtemals bag. Moreover, after getting wet like towels, they do not become heavy and burden you.

4- You can combine it with your sea clothes.

When you think of peshtemal, even though Hammam first come to mind, this has changed a lot in recent years. Peshtemal is now also indispensable for beaches. You can use the peshtemal, which you like the colors and patterns, with different attachment styles, like pareo, and create your own style by combining with your swimsuit and bikini.

5- Decoration object

Who says peshtemal is just for drying?

We have said that peshtemal has many uses. In recent years, it has also started to be used in peshtemal home decoration. By choosing peshtemal suitable for the general appearance of your home, you can use it as a cover for your armchairs and keep it clean while coloring your armchairs.

6- Easy to clean

Keeping the towel and peshtemal that are in direct contact with your skin clean is very important for your health. Especially if you use peshtemal on the beach, it gets dirty very fast, you may need to wash more. Quick-drying peshtemal are also easy to clean without the need for a lot of water and detergent. It is also a fact that the peshtemal made from a natural fiber will be more durable and their color will not deteriorate even after frequent washing.

7- Environmental friendliness

Having low water and detergent needs of peshtemal, which are very easy to maintain, also makes it an environmentally friendly product. The peshtemal that are cleaned in a short time allow you to do less harm to the environment compared to other products, especially since it reduces the use of water, energy and chemicals.

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