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If you want your duvet cover sets, which you have bought with great enthusiasm and admiration, to be long-lasting, you should be sensitive about their care and cleaning. By washing your linens properly and at the appropriate temperature, you can preserve their new look for a long time.

Tips for Duvet Cover Cleaning

If your bed is comfortable and clean, it can be the guarantee of a good sleep. An attentive and clean bed makes your bedroom look beautiful from a decorative point of view. With tips on linen cleaning, you can fall into a deep sleep in your clean bed.

– When washing all kinds of textile products, strictly follow the label instructions.

– “How many degrees should the bed sheet be washed?” The answer to the question depends on the type of fabric. As fabrics such as polyester wear out in hot water, it is possible to wash at lower temperatures, while cotton fabrics can be washed at higher temperatures.

– Since dust mites and disease-causing microorganisms are better cleaned in hot water, it is an ideal option to turn to cotton fabrics.

– “How often should linens be washed?” You may be looking for the answer to the question. For a hygienic sleep environment, take care to wash your linens at least once a week. You can also wash your bed sheet and pillowcase once a week to prevent skin problems such as acne.

– Do not use bleaching detergents such as bleach when washing home textile products.

– Like all home textile products, wash your duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases by separating them according to their color. Thus, you avoid the possibility of mixing colors.

– Do not overfill the drum of your washing machine during washing. This can cause both your laundry to crease and not to rinse well.

– Wash all home textile items by turning them inside out.

– If there is a stain on the duvet cover, you can treat the stain in accordance with the instructions on the label before washing.

– Adhere to the label instructions on the dryer, too.

– By ironing your linens, you can make your bed look more organized and increase hygiene.

– Store your washed and ironed sets in a dry environment.

– When you are not using your duvet cover sets, you can keep them together in the pillowcase belonging to the set.

– By keeping three sets for each bed and using them alternately, you can make your sets last longer.

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