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In order to have a good and quality sleep, several factors need to be combined. A comfortable bed, a body prepared for sleep, a quiet and dark environment… Besides all these, pillow selection is also important. In order to sleep well, get up in the morning rested, and protect your waist and neck health, you should choose the pillow that best suits your body and habits. Well, do you know how to choose the right pillow? Here are the things to watch out for!

Consider Your Sleeping Position

We get support from pillows to maintain the correct posture during sleep. Many parts of our body, from head to neck, spine to hips, are comfortable all night long with the right pillow selection. Thus, the pains encountered in the morning are prevented.

To make the right choice, you must first find the position where you sleep most often. You can determine what kind of support you need according to your lying position.

If You Sleep Prone: If you sleep face down, you need a thin pillow. Because if you stay in this position and use a high product, it will put more pressure on your waist and you can wake up in the morning with pain.

If you sleep on your side: If you lie on your right or left side, you need a pillow to support your neck. For this reason, a thick, slightly tighter and hard pillow is best for you. If you wish, you can buy another pillow and place it between your legs, so you can get extra support.

If you are sleeping on your back: Medium thick pillows that will not raise the head too much so that the body can take a balanced position are ideal for those who sleep on the back. If you are a back sleeper, you should stay away from soft and head-buried options. You can also add a pillow under your knees to support your lower back and make it feel less pressure.

Identify a Special Filling Material for Your Needs

The pillow types also differ with their filling materials. The materials used in the filling affect many situations, from the pillow being hard or soft to keeping the heat. Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used and preferred filling materials.

Cotton Pillow: Cotton filled pillows, which stand out with their softness and recyclability, offer comfort throughout the night with their structures that do not retain heat. Cotton products, which will allow you to prevent problems such as sweating, are ideal especially for those who lie on their back due to their fullness.

Wool Pillow: Wool, which is a 100% natural and recyclable material just like cotton, can be used as the inner filling of pillows. Wool material helps you sleep comfortably in all seasons by adapting to the temperature of your body.

Bamboo Pillow: Becoming one of the most popular natural textile products in recent years, bamboo is used as a filler alone or together with natural fiber and cotton. You can make a hygienic choice by choosing bamboo pads that prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

Fiber Pillow: One of the most frequently used internal fillings, although it is not a natural product, it is one of the environmentally friendly options since it is produced by recycling. With its flexible structure, fiber-filled pillows that take the shape of your head and neck according to your sleeping position, thus providing better support for your spine. You will use your choice of fiber as filling material for Hotexhome; You can take a look at their smart fiber filled, air permeable, antibacterial and hygienic pillows

Make Special Choices to Your Problems

In order to choose the right pillow, you should consider the aching areas or allergic conditions on your body, as well as the standard features. If you are one of those who frequently use devices such as desktops, computers, tablets or phones, and therefore have problems with waist and neck health, you should avoid high models. You should choose a product that will support your neck and neck and prevent your head from falling to the side or back. If you have a discomfort that tends to constantly bend your neck forward, you can sleep comfortably with very thin pillows.

Your neck may lose its natural curve due to the way you sit and work. This can cause neck flattening or neck hernia disorders. You can use a product recommended by your doctor for neck straightening or neck hernia pillow selection. When choosing a neck straightening pillow, you need to decide on a medium-hard, orthopedic, if possible, and support product according to the position of your neck.

If you have ailments such as allergies and asthma, you should turn to antiallergic products, both internal filling and external surface are natural. Hotexhome’s wool, cotton or bamboo filled products meet the expectations of sensitive people. You will definitely find the most suitable product for you among the pillow types of Hotexhome, which offers special options for both adults and children.

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