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How to Choose A Bath Towel

How to Choose A Bath Towel

The bath towel models that surround you with their soft texture after bathing are prepared with different materials and produced in a way to appeal to every taste with various designs. Although it may seem like a very basic and simple need, you need to pay attention to some things in order to choose a bath towel that will absorb water quickly and shorten your drying time and touch your skin gently. Here are the tips we have prepared for you!

Pay attention to its density

The number of grams per square meter of cotton woven during the production phase of the towel is among the factors affecting the absorbency and quality. In a good product, this number varies between 400 and 650 grams per square meter. You can browse the products in this range for a soft and absorbent selection suitable for daily use.

Aim for the Most Natural Material

When it comes to towels, the best and the right choice is of course 100% cotton products. In addition to its soft texture, you can choose from cotton bath towels thanks to their liquid absorption properties.

Pay Attention to Sizes

In addition to bath towels, hand towel, face towel or hair towel types are also offered for sale. When purchasing these products, which are generally produced as standard, it is still useful to take a look at the dimensions. You can easily use towels with an average of 90 × 150 or 70 × 140.

Ensure Durability Through Stitches

Double stitched and double-layered towels always offer a more durable use. If you want your towel not to seam after a few washes and to avoid disassembly problems, double stitched products are ideal for you.

Make a Choice According to Your Taste

The eliminations are over according to the technical details. It’s time to choose from the models that fit the above features. If you are storing your towels in an open shelf system, even the color of your bathroom can be effective at the selection stage. You can choose from models that are self-patterned, single-color, with details in certain parts or that are enlivened with elegant stitches, and you can make a choice that suits your taste, or will suit your bathroom decoration.

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