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How Often should we wash and iron Towels, Sheets and Bed Linen?

How Often should we wash and iron Towels, Sheets and Bed Linen?

We have prepared a couple of recommendations for you on how often you need to wash bath and kitchen towels, hand and face towels, bath mats, bed linen, pillows and duvets that we use frequently in daily life.

1-) Pillows

Recommended washing frequency: twice a year

A pillow should be washed twice a year whether it is made of organic fibers and feathers or synthetic materials. Thus, the stains and odors on it will not be permanent. Washing instructions must be followed when washing the pillows. Depending on the situation, a dry cleaning or washing machine can be used, but it must be allowed to dry completely before using the pillows again. You can use a pillow protector to prolong the life of a pillow. You should wash the pillowcases and protectors at the same frequency as your bed sheets. You should never use it without putting a case on a pillow.

2-) Quilts

Recommended washing frequency: twice a year

Although we use our comforter daily, the duvets are not exposed to body fat, dried skin residues and odor thanks to their covers. This means that we can wash them less frequently. “Many people wash their duvets once a year,” Richmond said. For example, washing duvets for me is a ritual that I perform during seasonal changes. When the air cools, it wants to make more use of the softness of the human bed. A summer quilt (pike) that smells fresh and clean, is good for you. Likewise, the summer quilt that you clean at the beginning of summer helps you to make an energetic and energetic start to the summer. ” says. If your duvet has an unwanted odor or accidental stain, it must of course be sent to the laundry. Unwashed quilts can do their job well, but if it is not washed in time, a stain or an unwanted bad smell will permanently settle on your quilt and make it unusable.

3-) Bed linen

Recommended washing frequency: every 1 to 2 weeks

“Bed linen should be seen as a kind of clothing and treated accordingly,” said Maeve Richmond, adding that the sheets should be cleaned according to their personal use habits. “If the nice fresh smell of your sheets makes you smile when you enter the bed, it is a good idea to change the new sheets every 1 or 2 weeks. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable in your bed, you can change the bed sheet at slightly longer intervals. ” Richmond continued, saying about the exceptional circumstances.
Exceptions: “If your sheet is visibly stained; If one of the family members is ill, or you usually sleep naked in bed, you should consider that you need to change your sheets more often. Of course, weather is also a very important factor. Depending on your lifestyle, a little more work will fall on your sheets in the summer. In hot weather, we sweat during the day faster, and our sweat easily passes to towels and sheets. In this case, we need to wash the sheets and towels more often. ”

4-) Bath and body towels

Recommended washing frequency: After every 3-4 uses

Although bath towels are products designed for frequent and intensive use, the towels you use after just a few showers may start to smell. This smell is easier to occur, especially if the towels are not properly ventilated. If you exercise regularly, or if you have an arm-based job, you need to consider changing bath towels a little more often. Also, you should not share your towel with other members of your family. Especially if a member of your family has an infectious skin disease, towel sharing is at the top of the list of things you should never do.

“After 3 times use, every bath towel should be sent to the dirty laundry basket.”

5-) Kitchen towels

Recommended washing frequency: Once a week

“Kitchen towels collect leftovers and stains caused by leftovers lead to a bad smell caused by bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to wash kitchen towels and cloths every week. If you have towels / cloths that are used in the kitchen and are used less frequently for decorative purposes, you can wash them once a month. ”

6-) Hand and face towels

Recommended washing frequency: Every 2 – 3 days. “It’s not a joke. Real!”

Since hand towels are used frequently, have an environment where bacteria can reproduce faster and more, and they are used by different people for various reasons, they should be thrown into the washing machine frequently. After all, would you like to dry your hand / face with a towel containing your grandpa’s toothpaste stains? Of course no. The advantage of hand and face towels is that they are quite cheap compared to other bed linen and towel products. For this reason, it is good for your health to take a few spare towels and keep them in your closet. If your hand and face towel are torn, smeared, or you are just bored with its appearance now, replace it. “It is very logical to buy a set of spare sets with towels in many different designs and colors,” said Maeve Richmond.

7-) Bath mats

Recommended washing frequency: every 1 to 2 weeks

The frequency of washing the bath mats varies according to the conditions of use and the quality of the mat. If it never looks good enough, it should be washed every week. If it doesn’t look the way you want, throw it into the washing machine. If it is soft and odorless, you can keep the washing frequency a little wider.

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