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How Do You Choose The Best Beach Towel For You In 5 Steps?

How Do You Choose The Best Beach Towel For You In 5 Steps?

Towels can be very easy to choose, but expectations may vary depending on location and purpose. When the person touches the towel, it is of course effective in the selection. Summer is coming, now it’s time to go to the beaches. How do you choose the towel you will use on the beach?

Here are the tips for choosing the right beach towel:

1-) Choose The Right Size

The beach towel you use to dry out when you come out of the sea or pool should be the right size for your body. if you have a beach towel, which is too small or too big for you, you will have difficulties if you want to dry yourself off. Also remember that a large towel that takes up a lot of space in your beach bag will become heavier and heavier to carry after getting wet. If you prefer two separate towels for bathing and sunbathing, you can choose a larger towel for sunbathing.

2-) Fluffy Beach Towel or a Thinner One?

When choosing a towel, its fullness or lightness is a question of your priorities and preferences. The towel does not necessarily have to be too fluffy to be comfortable. Some of them choose thinner towels because they are easy to transport and take up little space in the washing machine. If you are looking for a quick drying towel that does not take up much space in the beach bag, you may prefer thin towels or cotton, bamboo and linen Peshtemal.

If you are one of those people who want to feel a full towel on your skin when drying, you should prefer towels that weigh more in weight. As mentioned at the beginning, the choice of a full or thin towel depends entirely on your preferences and your feeling of how the towel feels on your skin. Whatever their weight, it is worth noting that cotton towels are among the most popular.

3-) Define Your Budget

Towels can have serious price differences depending on the materials used and their production processes. An organic or hydro cotton towel is more expensive than other towels, but with excellent properties such as high water absorption, softness and naturalness you can feel better. don’t choose a beach towel, which is too much for your holiday budget, but also remember that a cheap towel wears out faster and loses its colours due to salt water and the sun’s rays.

4-) Be Careful When Choosing Colours!

When choosing your towel, it is useful to say that the colours are not just what you want. Remember that colours such as black and grey attract heat and can make you sweat while sunbathing. White, cream-coloured towels quickly get dirty and show even the smallest stains. It is best to choose bright colours according to the spirit of summer.

5-) Choose A Towel That Suits Your Style

Every product you choose reflects you. When you think: I just want to dry myself, what does it matter? no matter how good you look, don’t forget that a beach towel with a giant Mickey Mouse makes you look childish. You can feel comfortable on the beach by choosing the patterns and colours that match your beachwear.

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