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Dive Into The Deepest Sleep With The Most Natural Quilts!

Dive Into The Deepest Sleep With The Most Natural Quilts!

Hotexhome, which constantly updates itself in sleep comfort, produces quilts that do not sweat in hot, do not chill in cold, provide heat balance and breathe. Ultra light duvets, which do not contain any harmful chemicals and carcinogenic substances, crown your sleep with materials that do not cause allergies. Hotexhome quilts are created with a production philosophy that is sensitive to the environment, respecting green and living things.

A sleep without holes passes through a perforated quilt!

Climaralle micro capsules provide the necessary heat balance during sleep with the microclimate effect that the human body needs during sleep. While maintaining the necessary sleep temperature by storing the heat and transferring it to the body when necessary, all you have to do is dive into colorful dreams. High-permeability perforated fibers, designed for non-perforated sleep, balance the air transfer and prevent sweating by keeping the heat at an ideal level.

Produced for the indispensability of traditional warmth, the wool quilt supports comfortable sleep thanks to its completely natural and high moisture absorption with its cropped wool filling material without harming animals. The Hotexhome Wool Duvet is produced under the symbol and guarantee of naturalness and is produced as anti-allergenic to protect the sensitive body of babies and offer them a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Fiber quilt fillings produced in line with Hotexhome’s philosophy are of course inspired by the power of nature and carefully selected from the highest efficient materials.

Hotexhome duvets offer you naturally peaceful sleep.

Timely Shipments, Appropriate Quality & Competitive Price!