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5 Rules About Towels That Are Never Talked About

5 Rules About Towels That Are Never Talked About

We never talk about it, but regardless of whether you are a guest or a host, whether at sports or in the sauna, in short, there are some towel rules that are socially accepted. We learn some of these rules, which vary according to the culture and country we grow up in, and some of us have mastered them since childhood. Here are some of the general rules of these rules that we have written for you. Please check if the rules you use at home are included?

If you are the host…

Let’s start with the hosts first. If you are a host, you must have towels and bath towels ready for your guests. These towels are not stored next to your own towels, but next to the sink, on the washing machine or on a side table. Of course you could also store the towels in the guest room.

It is also to be understood if the guests do not bring any handtowels, but perhaps their bath towels. The host may be offended if the guest brings his own handtowel.

Are you a guest?

Let yourself be warned in advance. You may need to know that you are a guest, as some hosts can be very sensitive. The first rule is that the host’s towels must never be used. The storage of towels in the bathroom is clear, they can be on the hook next to the sink, on the shelves or on the hooks behind the door. When you enter the bathroom, look around and look for the towels that are in stock for you. If you are a shy guest, you may not be able to ask the host for a towel. Then it’s entirely up to your imagination how you dry yourself off.

Stay away from decorative towels

Some of the bathrooms have decorative towels, which are for decorative purposes only. Due to the location of the decorative towels, it may be difficult to assess whether they are decorative towels. Here you have two options, either ask the host or trust your imagination.

Wet towels

Don’t just leave your wet towels lying around after use or hang them on a hook somewhere, or throw them into the washing machine. The host may have a rule of his own to wash the towels according to the type. Either throw your towel in the laundry basket or ask the host. Be careful not to use your imagination here.

Shaped towels

Thanks to the blessings provided by the social media, you can come across folded towels that look like rabbits, ducks or figures. Don’t even touch them. They are for decorative purposes and will never be used.

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