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5 Points To Consider When Buying A Good Quality Towel

5 Points To Consider When Buying A Good Quality Towel

Think about how you’re trying to choose your clothes. Or the criteria you look out for when buying furniture for your apartment… Do the towels that touch your face right after waking up play or are the towels that you wrap yourself with when you take a shower after a stressful day? Do you know what to look out for when choosing a towel that you use all day long and that is essential for every home? Choosing the right towel among many colorful and soft towels is not as difficult as you think. The markings on the labels have more clues for those who can read. Before you start to deal with important topics, when choosing towels you should bear in mind that the most suitable towel for you is a towel that meets your expectations. The criteria can therefore vary depending on the location and intended use of the towel.

To choose a towel that generally suits you, it is the key to understanding the labels and choosing a quality towel…

1.The content is important!

The first thing you notice about labels is of course the content of the product. Towels can be made of materials such as cotton, bamboo or microfibre. Although the material has its own characteristics, its naturalness and its rapid water absorption, cotton is the most preferred material. The cotton has the softness in its nature, the water absorbency and the quick drying time offer a comfortable use in towels, face towels and bath towels. It is also known that hydrocotton towels, which give the yarn a more voluminous structure with a special production process, offer different advantages than conventional cotton towels. Hydrocotton wipes, which do not contain any synthetic material and are made of 100% cotton, do not cause allergic reactions due to their naturalness and are perfectly suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Further information about the advantages of Hydrocotton products can be found in our article: What are the advantages of the Hydrocotton towel? If you want to discover the hydrottier towel experience, you can access these products through the Hotex Home collections.


The choice of fabric is unfortunately not sufficient for a good quality towel. With a cotton towel, the entire process, from collecting cotton from the field to reaching the customer, plays an important role in determining the quality of the towel. There are many factors that influence the quality of the towel that can be purchased on the shelves, such as one or two layers of woven or knitted, yarn, color, etc.. The lack of good weaving yarns can lead to a faster wear of the edges. When buying towels, it is not possible to analyse the entire production process. You can select the companies that have the Oeko-Tex certificate for your brand and that have certain standards for towel production.


Another printout that can be seen on the towel labels is GSM. GSM is an abbreviation for gram per square meter. All fabrics have a different weight and density. mainly from 300 to 900 GSM. However, we cannot say that the GSM ratio of the towel directly affects the quality. The density of the towel can vary depending on the application. When choosing a kitchen towel, you can choose a lighter towel and when choosing a towel that you want to use after bathing, you can choose a heavier towel. Because the weight of the towel also influences the drying phase, it can vary depending on the area of use and usage habits. For this reason, it is more important that you concentrate on the water absorption capacity when choosing the towel and not on the weight. The use of natural raw materials, dyeing processes in the production phase determine the water absorption capacity of the towel. Instead of making your choice based on the weight of the towel, you should act on the feeling you feel when you touch the towel.


The truth is: like all textile products, bamboo or cotton towels have a drawing ratio depending on their contents. You should follow the washing instructions to minimize shrinkage of these products. If a product is to draw, it will be in the first wash or up to the 5th wash. To prolong the life of your towel, keep the temperature low when washing, dry the towels outdoors, and keep the temperature low when using the dryer. Avoid using additional softeners in the dryer. This may cause the cloth to lose its water-absorbing properties.


Today towels are not only used for drying.
Beach towels that turn out to be an accessory for your beachwear are presented with stylish presentations in the bathrooms. For this reason, it is important to select the appropriate colors and patterns for your application. When choosing a towel for your bathroom, check that it is suitable for the overall look of your bathroom. In a bathroom with a modern look, the appearance of a lace-embroidered towel with a traditional design is disruptive.
Note that the design of the towel can also affect the comfort of use. For example, a dark towel such as Black and Grey attracts the sun and makes you sweat while sunbathing on the beach.
In our article we have covered the most important topics you should consider when choosing a towel for yourself and your budget. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, all this information may vary depending on the person’s expectations. Some prefer a fuller towel, while others choose a lighter towel due to its low weight. The most important thing is to determine where and for what purpose the towel is used and to love the touch of the towel on the skin.

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