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10 Reasons to Choose Hotexhome Towels

10 Reasons to Choose Hotexhome Towels

There are many reasons to choose our towels and bathrobes with their elegant designs and superior features that you can easily distinguish from the towels you are used to. In this article, we have included 10 prominent reasons.

1-) Produced with special yarn technologies

Our R&D team, which works continuously to produce towels and bathrobes with superior features, enables us to produce the softest towels in the world with special yarn technologies. Using different yarn technologies such as Fibrosoft, fibrotint, aerospin, TENCELTM Modal, TENCELTM Lyocell, Fibroluxe Bamboo, we produce towels and bathrobes with natural ingredients, softer than the towels you are used to and with high water absorption. While these technologies are effective in the prominent features of our towels, they enable us to offer the most suitable towel to our customers for changing expectations and needs.

2-) Softer than ordinary towels

The first thing that everyone pays attention to when choosing a towel is softness. We trust our products enough to say that we produce the softest towels in the world and invite you to meet this extraordinary softness.

3-) Retains its softness and color as it is washed

We said that softness is one of the most important criteria when choosing towels. Another important issue here is that the towels keep their softness for a long time. If you are tired of using a towel, which you like its soft texture, first as a mop and then as a floor cloth after a few washes, you are in the right place. Towels in the Hotexhome collections retain their softness even after being washed several times, always providing you with a touch feeling as soft as the first day. Moreover, as it is washed, its colors do not fade or lose its brightness. Therefore, every towel you choose from our collection is suitable for daily use.

4-) Highly water absorbent

As we mentioned in our previous articles such as “What you should pay attention to when buying towels”, another important criterion when choosing a towel is that towels have high water absorbency. When the towel comes into contact with water, it should absorb and lock it. The use of natural raw materials and the dyeing process in the production phase, with care and attention to this issue, creates towels that create a perfect balance between absorbency, softness and durability.

5-) It is natural

Any product that comes into direct contact with your skin should be natural. While producing our towels, we prefer natural materials such as high quality Aegean cotton, bamboo and modal. Natural raw materials that minimize harmful chemicals are the healthiest choice for your skin.

6-) Fuller

Another feature that is often sought after in a towel is that the towel is full. We’re sure everyone likes to touch a puffy towel. At the same time, a towel with a plump appearance provides a comfortable drying experience.

7-) Environment friendly

As Hotexhome, we are very sensitive to present the natural and reflect the naturalness to our products. By choosing towels that do not contain chemicals and that we produce with special processes from a natural fiber, you will make a positive choice for the environment.

8 -) It is affordable

While shopping, another important factor as well as liking the product at the decision stage is the price of the product. Of course, as every product has its value, it is always possible to find a cheaper product in the market. However, the thing you should not forget here is; To be sure of the features of the product you have chosen and to plan how long you will use it. It is useful to remember the saying “Cheap is always expensive” when choosing your towel. If you think that it is very cheap and you cannot use a towel because it becomes hard or deformed after a few washes, it will cost you much more expensive. When choosing your towels that you use many times every day, giving importance to quality means that you will use that product longer.

9-) We are all over the world!

We manufacture in Bursa and Denizli, and ship our towels and bathrobes all over the world. Since the first day we were established, we have been exhibiting our products at the world’s most prestigious fairs such as Maison & Objet, Ambiente, Heimtextil, and bring our towels to people from different countries of the world at our sales points in important metropolises!

10-) You have a happy shopping experience

Shopping does not end with just choosing a quality product. Our adventure, which started with the production stage for us, does not end the moment we deliver our product to our customers. We design and manufacture products that will make them and their loved ones happy, care about their comfort and care for their health. We care about our customers having a pleasant shopping experience and want to be with them whenever they need it.

Timely Shipments, Appropriate Quality & Competitive Price!